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San Sebastian is a city to discover, located in the north of Spain just 20k from France, it is ranked as one of the most beautiful cities in the country. Its beautiful French-inspired streets, its three beaches and its renowned gastronomy make the city a different, pleasant and fun choice to live in.

Tecnun provides you with the information you need to easily and efficiently find different types of accommodation to suit different types of students coming to study at the University.


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The Halls of Residence are university centres which, integrated into the University, provide residence for students and promote cultural, professional and human training for residents, projecting their activity at the service of the university community and society.

They offer a university environment conducive to intense study, in an atmosphere that is both professional and collegial, with individual attention to students and their specific needs.

They organise cultural, social and sporting activities that contribute to the integral formation of the student and are open to everyone, including non-residents. The life of the Colegio Mayor enriches students from all courses, postgraduate courses and from a wide variety of backgrounds.

The monthly cost of a Hall of Residence varies according to the services offered by each centre:

  • Male halls of residence: between 893 and 1,137 €.

  • Women's halls of residence: between 600 and 1,112 €.


Ayete Hall of Residence

Ayete Hall of Residence


Jaizkibel Hall of Residence

Jaizkibel Hall of Residence

admisionAyudas_desplegableFlats Tutelados

The supervised flats are close to the campus and depend on a University Centre or a University Hall of Residence. They meet all accommodation and maintenance needs through a comprehensive residence service, seven days a week. In the supervised flats, the same cultural and academic activities take place as in the University Centre or Hall of Residence on which they depend.

The residents are always university students and each of the flats has a responsible person, the dean, who is a student in the final years and who is responsible for ensuring an atmosphere of coexistence and study.

The monthly cost per student in a supervised flat varies according to the university centre on which they depend, as well as the services offered:

  • Supervised flats for men: 650 €.

  • Supervised flats for women: between 500 and 680 €.

In San Sebastian, the Colegio Mayor Ayete (male) offers supervised flats.

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Other accommodation

This service is aimed solely at students or future students of Tecnun. We do not attend to requests from people outside the institution.