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In order to prepare for self-enrolment, it is very useful to carry out these consultations on the miUNAV portal and on the web:

  • Check beforehand to see if you are able to self-register. If there is any problem, please write to secretaria@tecnun.es

  • Create your timetable, which allows you to compose your class timetable and test before enrolment.

  • Check the timetable published on the website for your degree to choose the group for each subject.

  • Once enrolled, group changes may be made by the secretary's office to compensate groups.


  • Remember that you have to choose the pathway you are going to take.

  • If you have passed less than 48 ECTS in the first year, you cannot register for more than 72 ECTS in the second year.

  • Consult the adaptation plan for your degree here.

  • You must register for the Challenge in the same Itinerary that you have taken the 2nd year theory course.

  • - In Biomedical Engineering the subject Biological Techniques II will be taken in alternate weeks.

  • Subjects such as Prototypes have two groups, but one of the classes is common to all and the second one is split.

  • - If you plan to go on exchange in 4th year, remember that you can only go with 24-30 ECTS.

  • You must register for the entire course, including the PFG. If you do not defend the project in the current course, you will be enrolled in the next course free of charge.

  • If you are going on exchange and you are enrolled in subjects such as PI, you should not touch it. If you do so unintentionally, please contact the secretary's office.

You can consult the payment and financing methods here .

Once you have registered, you must pay within the following three days. If you pay by direct debit, you must indicate in the automatic enrolment programme the account number (iban and 20 digits) to which a receipt will be sent, without the need for you to carry out any other procedure. If payment is made by bank transfer, you must upload the receipt of payment to the portal.

Once this has been done, it is understood that the enrolment is formalised.

Large families 

Customer service telephone numbers: 943 21 98 77, from 9.00 to 14.00 hours.