Cafeteria Service

The cafeteria service at Tecnun is subcontracted to the company Comercial Aibak.

Commercial Aibak

Comercial Aibak is a catering company that was founded in 2005 in Astigarraga, with the aim of offering restaurant and catering services to groups with the best guarantee of hygiene, professionalism and good service. We currently operate under two brands that focus the services we offer on two well-defined sectors: Aibak - Services for Collectivities, and Divinus Catering Gourmet.

Under the brand name Aibak- Servicios a Colectividades, we provide food, cleaning and auxiliary staff services in schools, nurseries, companies and day centres. Aware that it is essential to prepare healthy menus, appropriate for any individual or physiological situation, balanced and varied, we serve our guests food cooked in a traditional way, with the homemade flavour that our expert cooks strive to achieve day after day.