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In the academic year 2023-2024 the new plan will begin to be taught in 4th grade, thus deploying completely the subjects of the 2020 plan. For students with subjects from plan 16 pending to take, they should take into account those that have changed:


  • Operations Research: students enrolled in this subject in 2023-2024 should attend to the classes of the subject Optimization Techniques (3rd year Industrial Organization).

  • Wireless Communications: taught in the 1st year of the course. semester

  • Networks, Systems and Telecommunication Services is renamed Networks, Multimedia Systems.

  • Network Security becomes Cybersecurity

  • Workshop at design III moves to the second semester

  • Ergonomics: taught in the first year of the first year. semester

  • Ecodesign: change from semester to the first one. semester

  • Management of design: students who have not yet taken the subject, should attend to the classes of Management of design I in the first semester and Management of design II in the second.

  • Micro and Nanotechnology and Advanced Micro and Nanotechnology change from semester in the 20 plan.

  • Tissue Engineering and Optical Techniques in Biomedicine move to the top of the list. semester

  • Electromechanical Biomedical Systems, renamed Implantable Biomedical Systems and taught in the second year. semester

  • Genomics and Proteomics is a subject of the second semester of 3º in plan 20.

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In the following link you can consult the differences between the two plans and the list of recognition of subjects between them.


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