Boarding students

Students in advanced courses can work as STUDENT INTERNS to get started in research and collaborate with departments at TECNUN and CEIT in university collaboration tasks compatible with their dedication to their studies.

Being a Student Intern offers practical training and experience in research projects.



  • A student intern is a student who, supervised by a professor, carries out some technical work in a Department of Tecnun or Division of Ceit. The tasks entrusted to them are aimed at integrating them into projects, lines of research or other activities, depending on their skills, training and interests.

  • Being a student intern is an opportunity to apply the theoretical knowledge learnt in class, carrying out work that is compatible with the dedication to study and that contributes to academic and professional training. Interns are not remunerated for their collaboration.

What tasks does a student intern perform?

  • Collaborates in technical research tasks (testing, design and manufacture of prototypes, application programming, data analysis, discussion of results, etc.) or teaching (preparation of material for internships, etc.), but never in direct teaching to other students.

  • Participates in training sessions and seminars organized by the Department or the Student Sub-Directorate.

  • They dedicate 60 hours during the academic year, in the timetable agreed with the lecturer responsible for directing their work. These hours can be distributed throughout the academic year or concentrated in one of the four-month periods or in the summer months.

  • At the end of the course, a brief report of the work done must be submitted for evaluation by the professor in charge. If the evaluation is positive, the collaboration will be recorded in the student's academic record.

What are the requirements to become a boarding student?

  • Have a good academic record (BOE average grade higher than 6.7 out of 10) and have no compulsory subjects pending from lower grades.

  • Apply using the application form on the website at any time during the course, as long as it is before 15 June.

Implementation of PFG and PFM in Departments of Tecnun

  • The figure as an internal student is compatible with the completion of the PFG or PFM in the same Department of Tecnun, as long as the minimum dedication to the project is met, which is set at 300 hours for 12 ECTS projects. The 60 hours spent as a student intern are not counted as part of the hours devoted to the project.

  • Student interns who wish to carry out the GFP or MMP in a Department at Tecnun must complete both procedures: the application for admission as a student intern and the registration of the project with the Project Manager. The enrolment and defence of the GFP and PGM must be done on the dates and in the manner foreseen for all projects.


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