Academic counselling


Academic and career counseling of students is a regular teaching activity involving the teacher and student in interpersonal communication. 

It is an important aspect of the educational function carried out at the University of Navarra, it is part of the task of every professor and it is a right of all students.

The objective of counseling is to help students to channel their academic, professional and personal aspirations as protagonists in university life and their environment in order to better serve society.

It is becoming increasingly common - especially in the business world - for selection for jobs to be based not only on academic records and technical skills, but also on social skills and attitudes. The possibility of personalised attention through counselling makes it possible to train each student by taking into account his or her strengths as well as the aspects on which he or she needs to put special effort or attention.

Counseling is not a circumstantial activity to respond to a need at a given moment. Nor does it make sense only when the student has serious academic difficulties. It is a permanent relationship between teacher and student, in which both parties are enriched.

The right to counselling is exercised through face-to-face interviews that arise on an occasional basis or are established on a regular and scheduled basis.

The advising professor is assigned by Subdirección de Estudiantes of Tecnun. All students have the right to freely attend or not to attend the academic advising and to request a change of advising professor. Requests should be made through an instance in the Academic Management Program.

At Tecnun , we offer the possibility of an assessment to assess the competency profile of the mentee in order to develop a personalized improvement plan based on their strengths and areas for improvement. This program is called TU&CO and all the information is available at https://www.unav.edu/estudiantes/tu-co. This evaluation can be requested through the advisor from the 2nd year onwards.


TU & CO Programme

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