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intro fostering

It is a training program that allows students to acquire skills beyond the strictly technical. It offers training through activities designed to provide a first-class university experience.

Aplicaciones anidadas




requirements for the Admissions Office:

  • Have a average of at least 7.5 BOE.

  • Complete the form on line.

  • Submit the application from student intern.

To remain in the program, student must demonstrate its Degree commitment by maintaining a high level of academic performance (grade average above 7.5) and prove at the end of the course its participation in the three areas of the program.

To be recorded on academic record you must participate in the program for two years.


The activities focus on 3 areas:

The INNOVATION AND RESEARCH area involves participating in the student intern program at a department of Tecnun or division of CEIT. Student interns have the opportunity to directly experience collaborating on a project research project. The student internship can be done either in the first semester or in the second semester or after the exams.

 The area for SOCIAL COMMITMENT AND SOLIDARITY consists of participating in one of the following activities of volunteer activities. The possibility of volunteer activities is open for both the first and second semester as long as the established minimum number of hours is met:

  • ASPACE (association for Cerebral Palsy)

  • HAZI ETA IKASI (School Support)

  • ACCOMPANIMENT IN LONELINESS (To accompany the elderly)

  • LET'S SMILE (Hospital and care home performances)

  • IMPROVING WORLD (design at the service of needs)



  • KOOPROMISE (Applied Engineering for cooperation)

  • SUPPORT CLASSES (Classes to help first year students with difficulties)

The area for PROFESSIONAL EXCELLENCE consists of participating in the series of talks -colloquium exclusively for the Fostering Talent program. The speakers are guests from the business world, academia or public administration and the topics are very varied: professional skills, emerging sectors, Economics and geopolitics, etc. They do not involve a lot of time and are very interesting. Going on Erasmus is not a problem either because the sessions are spread over both semesters. There are usually 4 sessions per year (2 each semester).

A three-day trip to Madrid to visit companies is also organized in the month of January (during the extraordinary exams). The trip from January 15-17, 2020 visited the Deloitte Robotics Center of Excellence, the Deloitte Cybersecurity Center, the Cotec Foundation, the Amazon Logistics Center, the Postgraduate Headquarters of the University of Navarra in Madrid and the Simulation Center of Grupo Antolin in Burgos. The attendance to the trip is not mandatory to obtain the diploma of the Fostering Talent program. This year 2021 a trip to Madrid will be organized if circumstances permit (especially the limitation of company visits due to the pandemic).

Aplicaciones anidadas