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Master's students from Tecnun take one course each year at IESE Business School in Madrid

Through the case method, students improve their analytical and decision-making skills at Personnel Management Service and leadership.

01/02/18 17:14 Communication Service

The Tecnun-IESE program complements the training of Master's students at Tecnun. "We have designed a week in which students are confronted with real cases and receive specialized lectures on different aspects of Personnel Management Service. I believe it is a privilege for our students to learn from professors from one of the best business schools in the world. This program consists of solving practical cases during a week and attend to sessions with speakers on topics of Personnel Management Service", says Professor Alvaro Lleó.  

Recently, the students of the Master in Industrial Engineering, Biomedical Engineering and Telecommunications Engineering enjoyed this experience at the Business School of the University of Navarra. During this course, the Master's students are faced with real problems that they have to solve through dialogue and discussion. During this week, the work dynamic is different. They are days for listening, sharing and analyzing, as well as "taking a first contact with the companies through a Business School", as Professor Noemí Pérez points out.

On the other hand, "this week of coexistence makes the group come out more united and that improves their training," continues Noemí Pérez.

"The course helps us to see problems from a different point of view, to be more flexible when it comes to solving them and to analyze each point," emphasizes student Nora Armendia.

Nacho Pérez, student of the Master in Industrial Engineering concludes: "In the program we see cases that are much more applicable to real life, they prepare you very well, they are interested because we participate, and you realize that if you prepare them well you can learn a lot from this week".

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