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"I decided to apply for Porsche and they took me on. I'm delighted.

The former student of Tecnun, Jon Arrizabalaga, is in Germany doing an internship in the automotive company.

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Former student Jon Arrizabalaga PHOTO: Courtesy
01/07/19 11:59 Communication Service

Former Tecnun student Jon Arrizabalaga is as happy as a child in new shoes. He has long been interested in getting to know the world of work outside Spain and, because he had three months' holiday this summer, he applied for a position with several companies in Northern Europe. Jon reckoned that Germany would be a difficult option, as internships usually last a minimum of 6 months. So I decided to give it a try and applied to several top companies. One of them was Porschewhere I applied through the job portal on their website. "After a phone call and two Skype interviews, all in German, they confirmed that they had a place for me in the department. I'm delighted," says Arrizabalaga.

What does your work there consist of?

I am currently working in Weissachwhere the R&D department of Porsche AG. In my department, components and subsystems are tested for every car manufactured by Porsche (prototypes, racing cars, etc.). The department is divided according to the technical nature of each subsystem. My group focuses on testing the suspension, chassis, comfort and performance of the entire vehicle. By company policy, Porsche usually assigns someone from the department as a tutor. This person is not only responsible for the training, but also closely monitors the activities of the trainee. In my case, my mentor has assigned me several tasks. All of them consist of supporting the people in charge of the test stations. In addition, I have been given the opportunity to participate in the improvement and renovation of some stations.

What would you highlight from your time at Tecnun? Do you think that people come out of it prepared to face the world of work?

Of course, this opportunity would not have been possible without the training acquired in Tecnun. On the one hand, the high technical preparation obtained through the classes allows me to participate with confidence in any engineering discussion. On the other hand, my time at Formula Student has been key, as it is almost a requirement to be able to apply for a place at Porsche. Outside of motorsport, the project perspective that I have gained through Formula Student has been key. Student has equipped me with many tools to meet any challenge. That's why I encourage anyone to participate in projects like Formula Student. Student. Another aspect to keep in mind is that at Porsche only speaks German. This leads to some misunderstandings and awkward moments. The fact that I completed the first four months of my fourth year in China has helped me to lose my fear and to cope with these situations.

What do you like most about engineering and the sector you are in?

Although I have taken part in several automotive-related projects, I am a person who pursues technological challenges. Of course I like and admire the automotive world, but I am open to other sectors where there are engineering projects, especially in the field of machines. Works of art that integrate different branches of engineering, capable of fulfilling tasks productively, precisely and where cutting-edge technologies play a critical role. Getting an overview of them and understanding their working principle has always been something that has always appealed to me. After all, cars are just another machine.

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