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The automotive team of Tecnun competes in Formula Student

60 engineering students represent Gipuzkoa on the university Formula 1 circuit in Assen

PhotoPaulaBerroa/Students of Tecnun eRacing together with representatives of some collaborating companies.

12 | 07 | 2021

Students from the automotive team at Tecnun represent Gipuzkoa this summer in the international university formula 1 competition.

The 60 engineering students that make up the team are happy to return from the Assen (Holland) Formula Student circuit, after competing against 2,500 students from 600 universities around the world. They will also take part in the Catalan circuit of Montmeló from 2 to 8 August.

"After a week at the Assen circuit we come with more desire to work and push our car to the limit. Although we have not achieved all the proposed objectives, we have learned a lot as a team. We take with us a great experience from which we will surely learn a lot for the next competitions", says Borja Hidalgo, leader of the Tecnun eRacing team.

"The first days we fought a lot with the scruti of the accu, but due to some problem that we couldn't fix, we didn't manage to pass the dynamic tests. We still got good feedback and we are going to focus on what we can improve for the next one. As for the test cost and manufacturing event everything went as expected, our guys gave their all," Hidalgo continues.

An important part of core topic for the consolidation of the team has been the support of the 60 companies that have provided training, advice, sponsorship and donation of different materials to the students. Thus, on the 60th anniversary of Tecnun, the Tecnun eRacing team of the University of Navarra has made history by creating the first monocoque chassis made of carbon fiber .

The team's motto is the same as the one used by the students who started this Formula 1 project at the University of Navarra in 2009: 'Build a car, build a team, build yourself'. "Participating in this activity financial aid to foster team spirit, service and effort. We spend many hours together in the workshop and that unites, but sometimes we have to deal with different points of view and learn to make decisions for the good of the team," acknowledges Laura López, head of the Business area . 


Formula Student

Formula Student is a competition that pits students from universities around the world against each other for the purpose of promote engineering excellence. Members of each team design, build, develop and race a single-seater vehicle against 2,500 students from 600 universities around the world.

The goal of Formula Student is to simulate a real status where a racing company would hire engineers to develop a prototype. The jury, made up of motor racing experts, assesses the car's ability to meet high performance in terms of acceleration, braking and stability, as well as its maintenance, costs, aesthetics and reliability. Students can accumulate up to 1,000 points in two different tests: static tests, which do not require the car to be in motion and analyze the technical characteristics of the car, and dynamic tests, in which points are awarded based on the time achieved on the track. 

Photo gallery of the presentation of the single-seater for the 20-21 season

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