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Tecnun the course starts today in classroom mode

235 new students join campus today, with 38% women and 23% international students student body

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01/09/20 13:03 Communication Service

TecnunThe School of Engineering of the University of Navarra, the School of Engineering of the University of Navarra, has started the academic year today with 235 new students at Degree, with 38% women and 23% international students from Ecuador, Panama, Costa Rica, Mexico, Bolivia, the United States, the United Kingdom, the Philippines, Venezuela, the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Peru, Honduras and El Salvador, among others. The students of the higher courses will begin tomorrow in person, and from September 21 onwards, the approximately 200 students of the master's program will begin their studies. 

The first year engineering students attended the welcome session organized in four different groups. The director of Tecnun, Raúl Antón, and the Deputy Director of Students, Jorge Juan Gil, have explained to the newcomers the PlanPrepara2, which was launched a few months ago, with the goal of being able to start the course in person thanks to the measures taken, focused on teaching, health and prevention to create a safe campus . 

Likewise, the coordinator of studies, Coro Aycart, emphasized the protocols that will have to be followed throughout the course. Aycart talked about the creation of new spaces for the teaching, as well as the prevention measures and the PCR that will be carried out from today until the 4th to the professionals and students of the university center.   

He also explained that random PCRs will be carried out throughout the course, stratified by student status/employee and academic center. "He has also spoken of the existence of a area COVID for virtual and face-to-face care, which will help Tecnun to act quickly, always in collaboration with the health authorities.  

On the other hand, Aycart has again recalled the basic rules of prevention: masks, hand hygiene, interpersonal safety distance, capacity control, protocol cleaning, air renewal of the premises, as well as the presence in the campus of "Covid Supervisors", students who during the first days of the course will ensure that the various measures are complied with.

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