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"Off the pitch we are a very cohesive group with a very good atmosphere, we hope that this is reflected on the pitch."

The captain of the Tecnun basketball team, Gorka Etxezarreta, explains what they expect from the season.

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Gorka Etxezarreta, the team captain, above first on the left. PHOTO: Courtesy
01/10/19 12:06 Communication Service

The basketball team of Tecnun has signed a collaboration agreement with the Askatuak club, and the captain of the School team, Gorka Etxezarreta, tells the website how the current season is going.  

What are the advantages of the collaboration agreement signed with Askatuak?

Well, broadly speaking, to be able to have an entity behind us that will be in charge of providing us with a coach, a field delegate, a physiotherapist for when people are out of shape, etc. They will also help us to manage the issue of the records, and all these kinds of things that we have had to take care of ourselves over the last few years. So it's a great advantage. Also, as we are linked to a club with lower categories, we can complete training sessions and matches with people from these teams when we have people injured or who can't come.

What does the new basketball season look like?

Well, with a lot of enthusiasm and motivation to improve the results of recent seasons. We have not competed for several months and we are looking forward to starting this new season, in which we will have new faces both in sporting terms, with the new coach and the new members of the team who have joined the university this year, and in non-sporting terms, with the agreement we have reached with the Askatuak club.

What is the team's challenge for the current campaign?

Mainly to improve the sporting results obtained in the last seasons, trying to be first in the league and getting direct access to the EBA league. The last two seasons we got a promotion to EBA in the Final Four, and we lost the final of the Final Four last year, so in sporting terms that is the challenge we set ourselves. Off the court we are a very cohesive group with a very good atmosphere, so we hope to continue in this line and integrate the new teammates in this dynamic, and that this is noticed on the court.

At home games do you feel the support of the crowd?

So we encourage you all to come and cheer us on Saturday afternoons!

Are you all students at the school?

The team is made up of students from the different degrees, people who are doing their doctorate at the university, people who have finished their master's degree and have started working, and then some colleagues from the UPV who complement the team. 

On a personal level, what does it mean to you to be team captain?

Well, it's an extra motivation for sure. I'm a bit of a liaison between the university and the basketball team as well, so I'm very happy to have this role.


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