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Behind the curtain

Students Diana Retana and Fernando Ruíz, from the Master in Biomedical Engineering and Industrial Engineering, respectively, direct the next theatrical performance that Chismarracos will premiere the second week of March.

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02/01/18 14:19 Communication Service

"Life is theater at its best, an adventure to find the character you have to play". This comment, made during the course of the interview, serves to introduce what will happen in the comedy of entanglement that prepares the theater company of Tecnun, Chismarracos; "a status poorly conducted by the characters due to the nonsense they are committing and entangle the script. It looks like a contest to see who can screw it up the most, well, what happens when you put a world superstar in a provincial capital". This is all that the students and directors, Diana Retana and Fernando Ruíz, can advance before its upcoming premiere.

It is a text by the writer Muñoz Seca, "older than walking forward, but that does not mean it has lost its relevance. It is called La Farsa and we promise a lot of laughter to those who come to see it", say its directors.

How many of you perform?

Diana and Fernando: This course we are 20 people in the group, most of us repeating from previous years.

And do you get the newcomers to play the theater?

Diana: The new batch promises a lot, because they have quickly picked up the dynamic of getting rid of that grid of engineers we have.

Fernando: At Chismas we don't do casting, so we can't have a play closed before we know who we are. Once we have the people we choose the play. What is important in the theater group are the actors and actresses...

Is any specific skill needed?

Diana: You just have to want to have a good time to feel like playing a character. You are not born an actress or actor, you make it. We all have shame at the beginning, but it's something that we lose either by our own will or by the atmosphere in 'chismas'. We are a small family and that financial aid to that shame is blurred and let you see yourself as you really are.

Fernando: I would point out that to enter you just have to be yourself, that's the only requirement. There are some serious people, others are clingy and we are all ashamed.... Of course, once you join the company it's hard not to get a taste for it, it's like a good drug.

Do people tend to portray a role other than what it is?

Diana: Theater performances allow us to see stories from the street, which can be more or less real, so life itself is a theater full of actors.

Fernando: Everybody does theater, whether they want to or not. Life is a story, but it's not in books, it's in the street. It is a beast theater, with the adventure of finding out which character you are.

How long have you been with the company?

Diana and Fernando: We both entered the same course, three years ago now.

Does the address instruct as a subject?

Diana: The role of director is, without a doubt, the most complicated. You have to combine seriousness with the commitment of the actors and actresses for the rehearsals, without letting it be something they enjoy and have a good time. You have to prepare everything well and sometimes it is difficult because not everything goes to everyone's liking.

Fernando: The role is undoubtedly complicated, because we have to take care of the people but without forgetting the characters. We have to make sure that things go well without forgetting to have a good time. And it is not an easy task because there are many other things going on in the race.

At final, little time for personal whims...

Diana: Between the master's degree and the theater, there is little time left to do your own thing. Anyway, attention to go out with friends, have a good time and unwind from my studies, but nothing like dancing or going swimming.

Fernando: I'm doing my master's degree in industrials... or rather surviving it, because it takes up so much time that we can hardly dedicate time to Chismas. I love clowning around, but not as a hobby but as a lifestyle. Other more so, I like to read, go to the mountains, design the blades of an impeller (I dedicate five minutes every night to this) and my favorite as a good Andalusian: talking with friends, and if there is beer in the middle, so much the better.

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