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High turnout at the University Sports Gala

Jorge Juan Gil has received recognition for his 19 years at the head of Club Deportivo Tecnun and Borja Aizpurua the award for Best Sportsman.

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The students of Sports Talent from Tecnun with the coordinator of studies, Coro Aycart. PHOTO: Communication Service
02/05/19 12:05 Communication Service

Nearly 400 people participated in the Sports Gala of the University of Navarra. In the event, held this Tuesday in the Theater of the Museum of the University of Navarra, submission made distinctions and recognitions to the most outstanding students, professors and centers of this course, in the field of sports.  

The School of Engineering was well represented at this year's Gala, as two awards were presented to two people from Tecnun. On the one hand, the student Deputy Director , Jorge Juan Gil, received recognition for his 19 years at the head of the Sports Club Tecnun. This club was created in 2000 for promote the School's federated teams. It should be noted that, last March, the positions were renewed, being elected new president Iñigo Apaolaza, researcher of the School and assistant to the Subdirección de Alumnos, as well as a great basketball fan, modality sport in which he has served as a professional referee.

On the other hand, Borja Aizpurua, student of the School, received the award for the Best Athlete of the University of Navarra. Borja is a player on the Txuri Urdin ice hockey team from San Sebastian, which recently won its third consecutive league title. This athlete is part of the Talento Deportivo program, along with 36 other students from Tecnun who combine their university studies with high-level sports practice.

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