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Tecnun holds a double graduation at the Kursaal

The School of Engineering awarded the bachelor's diplomas and conferred the Master's degrees to the graduating classes of 2020 and 2021.

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02 | 06 | 2021

TecnunThe School of Engineering of the University of Navarra in Donostia-San Sebastián recently celebrated the graduation of its Bachelor's and Master's degree students at the Kursaal in Donostia-San Sebastián. A total of 350 graduates from both graduating classes and around 120 Master's students took part in the two events that took place in the Kursaal. A double graduation was held due to the fact that last year's ceremony had to be cancelled because of the pandemic.

The day began at 10:30 with a Mass of Thanksgiving in the Basilica of Santa Maria. The academic ceremonies of the Awarding of Degree Diplomas and the Imposition of Master's Degree Bursaries for the 2021 and 2020 graduating classes took place at 12:00 and 18:00 respectively. The events were held in compliance with the capacity set by the regulations in force in relation to Covid and the number of family and friends accompanying the graduates had to be limited. The events could be followed by streaming through the Tecnun channel on Youtube. Around 300 people connected live and more than 3,000 people watched the live stream over the course of the weekend.

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Tomás Gómez-Acebo, Vice Rector of the University of Navarra, presided over the ceremony, together with Raúl Antón, Director of Tecnun; Paloma Grau, Deputy Director of Teaching Staff; Jorge Juan Gil Nobajas, Deputy Director of Alumni; Francisco José Planes, Deputy Director of Research; and Javier Aizpún, Manager. Iñigo Gutiérrez, Director of Development, and Coro Aycart, Coordinator of Studies, presented the graduating classes.

In attendance were professors from the School of Engineering, Javier Aldazabal, Mª. Jesús Alvarez, Menchu Blanco, Paul Bustamante, Marta de Zárraga, M. Reyes Elizalde, Luis Fontán, Josune Hernantes, Mentxu Jaca, Leire Labaka, Aitziber López De Arancibia, Alvaro Lleó, Francisco Jose Marín Porgueres, Paz Morer, Noemí Pérez, Adam Podhorski, Juan Carlos Ramos, Angel Rubio, Javier Santos, Nicolás Serrano and Ángel Suescun.

The morning was attended by 205 students who have completed one of the engineering degrees at Tecnun in the 2020-21 academic year. In addition, 45 master's degree students who have completed this year were also presented with their birettas.

Iker Martínez-Jorcano Echeburua, delegate of Industrial Organisation Engineering, gave the graduation speech. The delegates of the rest of the degrees were present: Iñigo Azcarate Urrutia (Industrial Technologies Engineering), Manuel Ubiria Trocaola (Mechanical Engineering), Jonan Morales Ramiro (Electrical Engineering), María Sánchez Garbayo (Industrial Electronics Engineering), Natalia Conde Granados (Telecommunication Systems Engineering), Iñigo Armendia Zabala (Communications Electronics Engineering), Guillermo Ortiz Martín De Vidales (Industrial Design and Product Development Engineering), Camila Herrera Cunillera (Biomedical Engineering) and Alicia Tentor Achiaga (Double Degree in Design-Mechanics).

Teresa Itziar Celaya Garmendia, delegate of the Master's Degree in Biomedical Engineering, read the speech on behalf of the 45 Master's graduates of the class of 2021 present at the event. Xabier Arruabarrena Arzuaga was also present as delegate of the Master's Degree in Telecommunications Engineering.

The afternoon event was attended by 150 of the 200 students who completed their undergraduate studies in 2020, along with 75 master's students.

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Corina Garrido Soriano, delegate of Industrial Organisation Engineering, read the graduation speech. The delegates of the other degrees were present: Jorge Rodríguez Hoyos (Industrial Technologies Engineering), Carlos Vidales (Mechanical Engineering), Marcos Vásquez Soliz (Industrial Electronics Engineering), Belén Castel Anta (Telecommunication Systems Engineering), Pablo García Cardarelli (Communications Electronics Engineering), María Fernanda Suazo Espinoza (Industrial Design and Product Development Engineering), Cristina Álvarez Serrano (Biomedical Engineering) and Raquel Suescun Elizalde (Double Degree in Mechanical Design). José Miguel Andrade Guzmán, delegate of Electrical Engineering, was unable to attend and followed the event from Ecuador, where he is already working.

Kevin Calderón Maceda, delegate of the Master in Telecommunication Engineering delivered the speech on behalf of the 75 graduates of the 2020 graduating class present at the event. Alejandro Utrilla Abuelo and Miriam Gorostidi Aicua were present as delegates of the Master in Industrial Engineering and Master in Biomedical Engineering respectively.

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