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"This practice gives us more fluency and knowledge in the subject".

The assessed practice in Computer Science carried out by the first year students was based on the control of the movement of robots.

02/12/19 13:36 Communication Service

This year's Computer Science Evaluated Practice (PEI) was based on controlling the movement of robots. The students of the subject Computer Science I designed and programmed the intelligence of a series of robots, which had to reach certain objectives while avoiding various obstacles. In other words, they had to design the configuration algorithm so that the figures representing the digital robots could make the corresponding movements and win the game against the rest of the participating students. The criteria for evaluating one algorithm against another were, among others, the number of objectives achieved, the total number of movements and the execution time.

Not surprisingly, the programme was designed so that students could test their algorithms against the computer and against the algorithms of other students. In fact, during practice, there were some hard-fought duels.

As always, the good atmosphere and camaraderie have been the general tone during the PEI 2019. This year's winner, Santiago Ricaurte, was very happy to have reached the final and won the title. "I was perhaps more experienced than the rest of my classmates because I had studied a lot of computer science at school, but that doesn't mean I didn't have a lot of nerves until I managed to win," he said. "What I value most is that this practice gives us more fluency and knowledge in the subject", Ricaurte added.

The pairings were decided randomly among the students' algorithms and the pairings were played in phases until the final. As has been the custom in previous years, the PEI gives the possibility of getting up to one extra point in the final grade of the subject Computer Science I, taught by professors Diego Borro, Andoni Beriain and Josune Hernantes.

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