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Third "Crossed Agendas" meeting on the San Sebastian and Madrid campuses

Nearly 50 companies from different sectors have interviewed Master's students from the School for PFM and First Job offers.

02 | 12 | 2021

The third "Crossed Agendas" meeting between companies and Master's students from the San Sebastian and Madrid campuses was recently held at Tecnun . This year, around 50 companies from different sectors took part in the event and proposed more than 100 offers to the School's postgraduate students.

The aim of this conference is to promote interaction between companies and students who wish to carry out their Master's Final Project in a company starting in February or July/September. It is also aimed at the incorporation as recent graduates of students who are currently doing their Master's Final Project and are looking for first job opportunities.

A special feature of this event is that companies publish vacancies foreseen in the short or medium term and the students of Tecnun apply for them. Participating companies receive CV's from students who are interested in their vacancies and can interview them based on their interest in the candidates.

On this occasion, the interviews could be carried out in person at the headquarters of Tecnun in San Sebastian or at the Postgraduate headquarters of the University of Navarra in Madrid. They could also be carried out remotely.

These are the master's degrees that have participated in this year's Cross Agendas event:

Master's Degree in Industrial Engineering (taught on the San Sebastian campus and at the postgraduate headquarters in Madrid).

Master's Degree in Telecommunication Engineering (taught at the San Sebastian campus)

Master's Degree in Biomedical Engineering (taught on the San Sebastian campus)

Master's Degree in Artificial Intelligence (taught at the San Sebastian campus)

Master's Degree in Technological Innovation ( taught at the postgraduate centre in Madrid).

This meeting for Master's students is preceded by the Virtual Consulting and Banking Forum last October and will be followed by another Virtual Employment Forum of the University on 22 and 23 February and the next employment forum of Tecnun, which will take place on 3 and 4 March 2022, and which is aimed at students in their final years of Bachelor's and Master's degrees.

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