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The University of Navarra, second in Spain in performance rate for master's degree students and third for master's degree students. Degree

In the master's degree program, performance rate has a ratio of 99.2% compared to the Spanish average of 89% and in Degree a ratio of 92.2% compared to average of 77%.

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03/04/19 09:53 Communication Service

The University of Navarra is second in Spain in performance rate (percentage of credits passed over enrolled) in master's degrees and third in Degree. This is highlighted in the report "Las universidades españolas: Una perspectiva autonómica. 2018", published today by the CYD Foundation (knowledge and development), chaired by Ana Botín and with a prominent presence of the business sector in its board of trustees.

Thus, in the master's degree program it obtains a ratio of 99.2% in performance rate compared to the Spanish average of 89%, and in Degree a ratio of 92.2% compared to the average of 77%. Also noteworthy is the suitability rate of its graduates (percentage who complete the degree program within the expected time), where it obtains 60.5% in Degree and 98.1% in master's degrees.

According to this report, the academic center is among the best universities in Spain at international outreach, with a percentage of 11.8% of foreign students at Degree, compared to 4.4% of Spanish universities; 47% in master's degrees, compared to 20.4% nationally; and 31.9% in doctoral programs, compared to 20.4% overall.

According to report, the most educated population in Spain is found in Madrid, the Basque Country and Navarre. In the Autonomous Community of Navarre, this figure, which analyzes the population over 16 years of age with a higher education degree ( Education ), reaches 35%. 

Considering the relative weight of the different branches of teaching over the total number of those enrolled and in comparison with the Spanish university system, Navarra stands out in engineering and architecture. On the other hand, considering the percentage of graduates in Degree and official master's degrees in relation to the young regional population, from 20 to 34 years of age, those that stand out most are Madrid, the Basque Country and Navarra.

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