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Closing ceremony of the Colegio Mayor Ayete

The collegiate imposed the scholarship of honor to Héctor Devesa, former director of Ayete.

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The table was chaired by Mr. Alfonso Sánchez-Tabernero, President of the University of Navarra. PHOTO: Courtesy
03/05/19 12:01 Communication Service

The Colegio Mayor Ayete celebrated on Tuesday, April 30, the solemn closing of the 2018-2019 academic year. The event began with a few words from the director of the College, Santiago Zayas, who gave way to the lecture given by Héctor Devesa, doctor in Architecture and, currently, director of the Colegio Mayor Belagua of Pamplona, on the topic: "Life is a dream, or the adventure of making the Colegio Mayor". The rest of the table was chaired by Mr. Alfonso Sánchez-Tabernero, President of the University of Navarra; Clemente Tobalina, president of board of trustees of Colegio Mayor and Juan María Bilbao, Dean of the College and student of Tecnun, the School of Engineering of the University of Navarra in San Sebastian.

After the master class, the presentation of graduation sashes of Honor was presented, the highest recognition given by the institution to those professionals who collaborate with the Colegio Mayor on a daily basis. This year the scholarship was awarded to the aforementioned Héctor Devesa.

Then, the European curricula were delivered to the Ayete schoolboys and students of fourth year of engineering or Master of Tecnun, who complete their studies this year: Salvador Lopez, Gabriel Paternina, Pablo Sacristan, Manuel Salazar, Alejandro Rodriguez, Kevin Calderon, Joaquim Planellas, Jesus de la source, Gonzalo Jabat, Eric Roig and Francisco Velasquez. This curriculum accredits that, during their years in the Colegio Mayor Ayete, they have actively participated in different Cultural Activities Office, social, sporting and organizing events such as the traditional Youth Solidarity Concert, which this year celebrated its eleventh edition.

The event ended with the official closing of the course by the President of the University of Navarra, Alfonso Sánchez-Tabernero, the singing of the Gaudeamos Igitur directed by the collegiate and former student of Musikene, Juan Marcos Cano, and a subsequent dinner in the garden of Colegio Mayor Ayete. 

The event was attended by members of the Office of Student Affairs of Colegio Mayor such as Iñaki Cires, Álvaro Lleó de Nalda, Justino Fernández Díaz and Andrés García-Alonso. director Also in attendance were Miguel Ruíz and his wife Elena Azurmendi from General Manager , Raúl Antón from Tecnun, and other professors from the School of Engineering such as Iñigo Gutiérrez, Ángel Rubio, Javier Aizpún and Professor Emeritus, Juan Flaquer. Xabier Eceizabarrena and Iñaki Medinabeitia were also present.

They all enjoyed the event together with a large group of students, including Andrés Lugo, Pablo Lloves, Miguel Arribas, José Pou, José Pablo García Pomar, José María Montal, Rafael Cisneros, as well as representatives of Colegio Mayor Jaizkibel, such as Katyna Sada, Almudena Bergera, María del Vigo and Andrea Canábez. From Colegio Mayor Belagua de Pamplona, the event was attended by the directors Manuel Tarrío, Javier Casanova, Gonzalo Aranguren, Javier Gómez, Guillermo Lorenzo, and the students Xavier Martínez and Ricardo García.

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