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Javier García de Jalón, Laureate Engineer by the Royal Academy of Engineering

Professor of Applied Mathematics, he taught at Tecnun for more than two decades.

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García de Jalón collecting his award at the RAI. PHOTO: Communication Service
03/06/19 15:38 Communication Service


The Royal Academy of Engineering of Madrid has recognised as a Laureate Engineer Professor Javier García de Jalón de la Fuente, Professor of Applied Mathematics, who taught for more than two decades, from 1980 to 2002, when he joined the Polytechnic University of Madrid. Tecnun for more than two decades, from 1980 until 2002, when he joined the Polytechnic University of Madrid.

García de Jalón was accompanied last Tuesday at the event in Madrid by the vice-rector of Research of the University of Navarra, Icíar Astiasarán, as well as by the director of Tecnun, Raúl Antón, the professor José María Bastero and the president of Ceit, José María Rodríguez Ibabe.

The former professor of Tecnun - who has received important international awards such as the D'Alembert Prize and the IFToMM Award of Merit - attended the Royal Academy of Engineering to receive recognition "for carrying out a professional activity that can be considered as a reference and model to stimulate the technical vocation of the new generations".

García de Jalón himself explained to the director of Tecnun that his masterclass on "The natural coordinates", which was read on his behalf by Javier Cuadrado, contained a subliminal message that I would like to make very clear. My whole life and in particular my 'natural coordinates' are a gift of God's Providence. He prepared me with the knowledge I needed, then He put me under pressure to do something and finally He arranged circumstances that favoured the dissemination of the work. It is not normal that in a short space of time a new generation of computers appears, which are almost given to us for free, a world congress is held in Seville, an Olympiad is prepared in Barcelona, many important companies show interest in our work and I find myself surrounded by very good people. All of this is the result of a script whose author is my Father God," said Javier García de Jalón.

García de Jalón's speech also included an ode composed by one of the many students, both from the UPM and the University of the Basque Country, who have an indelible memory of the professor. Tecnun and from the UPM and the University of the Basque Country, who have an indelible memory of the figure of the professor.

During the graduation ceremony for the class of 2019, which took place last Friday at the Kursaal, the University's Vice-Rector for Research, Icíar Astiasarán, stressed the idea that "the University moves forward thanks to people". In this context, she recalled the figure of Sarri and also remembered García de Jalón himself. Astiasarán spoke of Sarri as one of the 'Jalón Boys', and of so many others who trained with him and whom he supervised dozens of theses during his more than 20 years at the University. Tecnun.

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