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MyMampara, a young engineer's solution to help hospitality businesses fight Covid

The invention aims to increase capacity and provide greater security for hoteliers

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03/06/20 09:19

Alberto Domingo, a 2nd year engineering student at the University of Navarra, has launched MyMampara, a structure with a mask effect that allows consumers to enjoy their leisure time on the terraces with peace of mind and, at the same time, the establishment to increase its capacity and safety conditions.

The young man from Malaga states that "15% of Spain's GDP is based on tourism and, therefore, hoteliers play a leading role. I want to help people". When asked about his screens, he is clear: "It is light, easy to fold, takes up little space, is adaptable to any space, increases the capacity of the terraces and is also aesthetically pleasing".

At the moment, Alberto is looking for support from the legislators through the competent bodies, who decide on the new rules with which to gradually restore normality. "I have already filed a patent application," Alberto adds. "It worries me to see the elderly wearing masks in the sun at these temperatures. To drink or eat, you have to take them off, and the two-meter distance seems to me to be ineffective. Those who define protection standards should take this into account. With these screens, the aerosols would encounter physical obstacles, reducing the risk of contagion for consumers".

In this video, Alberto shows us more closely what the final result would be through a 3D render:


When asked about the data, the student states that "everything has been studied. The use of the partitions reduces the need for spacing, making it possible to go from 50% to 80% occupancy, which means 60% more profit for the business.

In addition, the student adds that "brands can include their logos or advertising on the screens as they currently do on terrace furniture and awnings. Therefore, with the collaboration of beverage manufacturers and the skills of the Ministry of Tourism and Trade in designing intelligent measures, the hospitality sector wouldundoubtedly recover sooner".

At the end of the interview, Alberto smiles with that Andalusian optimism that characterizes him and jokes "we have to recover the social activity that we have lost during these months and for that, what better than having a few beers with friends and family".

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