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Tecnun will start performing PCRs on August 31 for all its students.

The University of Navarra publishes a student health guide with recommendations for the new academic year.

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03/08/20 10:18 Communication Service


Tecnun-University of Navarra has published a bilingual guide in Spanish and English with guidelines and recommendations on prevention and health for all students of its campus in San Sebastian and Pamplona for the beginning of the academic year, next September 1. In mid-August, the University will activate a health and assistance protocol to ensure that students arrive healthy at campus. Thus, Tecnun is expected to start PCRs on August 31 for all its students.

The guide establishes a series of measures that will be applied before traveling to campus in San Sebastian, upon joining the classes and throughout the year, to know at all times the epidemiological status and act quickly and effectively in the containment and treatment of the disease in case of infection. If necessary, from the teaching point of view, Tecnun has been prepared so that infected or isolated students can continue their classes remotely. 

In addition to indicating the basic hygiene rules: frequent hand washing, use of masks and maintaining an interpersonal distance of 1.5 meters, the guide provides instructions on how to take the test PCR, free of charge for all students; the documentation that must be provided, where the tests are performed and how to act at all times, if the result of the test is positive or negative. 

Along with this diagnostic measure, the guide offers other advice for travel and trips; and recommendations on how the student should be incorporated into the classroom. It is indicated how to proceed if the student presents any symptomatology compatible with coronavirus or if he/she comes from an area at risk or not (updated links with the guidelines of the Health Organization (WHO) are included).

During the course, random PCR tests will be carried out and a permanent virtual medical office has been set up by telephone and through the e-mail A permanent collaboration with the public health systems in each community is also established. 

Volunteers, so that no one is alone

Another section of this guide explains the University's initiative to create a team of volunteers, made up of both students and professionals, who can attend the sick students, either by accompanying them, or by facilitating the purchase of food and/or medicines or by carrying out cleaning tasks. A continuous contact will also be established with family members who deem it appropriate. 

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