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"There has been a lot of group work in the Master's course and that prepares us even better for working life".

Sebastián Díaz recounts his experiences on the Master's degree in Telecommunications in Tecnun

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Sebastián Díaz in Tecnun PHOTO: Communication Service
03/10/19 19:21 Communication Service

Sebastián Díaz recently presented his Master's Thesis at Tecnun. Sebastián took the Master's degree in Telecommunications at Tecnun because, "after graduating with a degree in Telecommunications Systems, I wanted to learn more about the scientific arts".

What has the Master's given you?

It has given me new and useful knowledge. As well as the focus on individual responsibility so that tomorrow you will be able to do your job without bothering the teacher... or the boss.

Would you recommend it to other students?

Yes, I would definitely recommend it to students who want to continue learning and studying.

What doors has it opened for you?

Thanks to the master's degree, I was encouraged to look for and carry out my final project outside the university, abroad. Specifically in Scotland. And there, both the knowledge and the experience of the master's degree have been very useful to me.

Is there a lot of group work during the Master's course?

There was certainly more group work in the Master's degree than in the Bachelor's degree, and that prepares us even better for working life.

What are your current projects?

At the moment I am preparing to do my PhD at the Scottish university where I did my PFM. Apparently they liked the way I work and offered me to work with them.

Any anecdotes that have happened to you during your degree/master's degree?

I remember that a couple of years ago there was a snowfall that paralysed the city. However, the members of a master's project who had to work, we all managed to go up to Miramón and fulfil our obligations.

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