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Tecnun-University of Navarra inaugurates the Mitsubishi Electric Classroom

Mitsubishi has loaned the School of Engineers various pieces of equipment for the training of future engineers.

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Raúl Antón and Masami Kusano cutting the ribbon. PHOTO: Communication Service
04/02/20 17:39 Communication Service

Tecnunand Mitsubishi Electric Europe BV, today inaugurated the Mitsubishi Classroom on the Ibaeta campus in San Sebastian. Mitsubishi has provided the School of Engineers with various pieces of equipment for student training. Specifically, the students will work with two air-conditioning units with the possibility of using energy for the production of DHW (domestic hot water) and heating.

With the inauguration of this Classroom, both Tecnun and Mitsubishi wish to establish "a collaboration in the field of research and teaching in favour of the development and training of the students of the School of Engineering, aimed at a better preparation for their professional practice".

Both parties have stated that they are "firmly convinced that the University-Business relationship must be increasingly intense and deep in the future and that this relationship will result in a more competitive company and a University more in tune with the needs of the business world".

For its part, Mitsubishi will have an advantageous position in recruiting students and graduates from Tecnun. In addition, Tecnun will establish a laboratory dedicated to Air Conditioning Technology with Mitsubishi's corporate image as a sponsor.

Present at the presentation of the Classroom were the School's Director of External Relations, Javier Ganuza, and the Director of Tecnun, Raúl Antón, who said that "Mitsubishi's contribution to Tecnun to establish this research laboratory under their sponsorship will allow our students to learn more about air conditioning technology using real industrial equipment while becoming familiar with their company". Antón also expressed his hope that "this collaboration will be valuable for all parties involved, as establishing a permanent connection point between Mitsubishi and Tecnun will help students gain early knowledge and interest in your company, where some of them could one day be working".

Mitsubishi was represented by Pedro Ruiz, General Manager of the Air Conditioning Division, and the President of the Spain and Portugal branch, Masami Kusano, who stressed that "Mitsubishi Electric always wants to change and improve in order to contribute to society and I believe that Tecnun, with its concepts of teaching, research and service to society, coincides with our corporate statement. Today begins a teamwork between two great brands, two brands that pursue quality in everything they do and develop. Two brands that will help young engineers to advance in their training and continue to add value to society in the not too distant future". Kusano concluded his speech by addressing the young students present at the inauguration. "Never stop fighting for your dreams, never lose hope and the desire to learn because that will make you a better person.

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