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More than 300 students from Tecnun conduct 1,200 interviews at the Employment Forum

80 companies are looking for engineers at the XXVIII edition of this fair, organized in on-site and virtual format.

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04 | 03 | 2021

More than 300 students from Tecnunthe School of Engineering of the University of Navarra, are participating in the XXVIII edition of the Employment Forum, organized in classroom and virtual format between today and tomorrow. Students of the last years of engineering are these days conducting 1,200 interviews with the 80 participating companies. It should be noted that many of the interviews are taking place in person, after a reservation system has been set up at quotation and the spaces have been set up according to covid-19 protocols.

The goal of the Forum, organized by the External Relations Department of Tecnun together with the Career Services Department of the University of Navarra, is to promote the employment rate of students in the final years of Degree and master's degrees.

Javier Ganuza, director of the External Relations Service at Tecnun, points out that " Tecnun students usually have between 2 and 3 job offers at average when they finish their studies". He also states that 103 students completed their final year project in companies participating in last year's forum and 57 of them did internships.

Companies at this year's Employment Forum come from engineering, industry, automotive, aeronautics, rail, biomedical, consultancy service, banking and research sectors, such as CAF, Irizar, Danobat Group, Orona, Siemens Health, BBVA, PWC, IDOM, Altran, Telefónica, Amazon, ISS, Deloitte and Iberdrola.  

Several start-ups have also participated, represented through Innovation Factory, the entrepreneurship center of the University of Navarra: ALOR, Deneb Medical, LINQcase and Tagenea.

In addition, this year the School organized two other employment conference : one for consultancy service and Banking, open to students in their final years, and another, at the end of the year, aimed at students of the masters in Industrial Engineering, Biomedical Engineering and Telecommunications. A total of twenty companies and more than one hundred students participated. It should be noted that next year Tecnun will expand its offer of master's degrees with the launch of the Master's Degree in Artificial Intelligence at campus in San Sebastian and the Master's Degree in Technological Innovation at campus in Madrid at the University of Navarra.

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