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"We've learned Economics and also the importance of working in a group"

The students of the subject Economics study the subject with a contest that " financial aid us to learn by ourselves".

04 | 05 | 2021

Students at subject Economics , taught by Professor Mikel Arcelus, have a novel way of learning. Arcelus launched the Master's Competition at Economics a few years ago. "We gave it that name to emulate TV programs such as Master Chef or Master DIY, among others," says the professor.

It is a group competition among students in which they are given suggested questions related to Economics, and they have to answer them by finding the answers on their own. The students have a time limit to answer the questions posed. This year's winning group is composed of Ane Corral, María de Frutos, Patricia Díaz and Alexander Encio. Lucía Fernández Acín, one of the students who participated in this year's contest, answers the following questions.

What has this year's practice consisted of?

This year's practice consisted of answering a series of questions about different topics of the Economics such as GDP or inflation. The teacher handed out a sheet with questions and you had to answer them in class together with your group, chosen by the teacher.

What have you learned from this group work?

We have learned the importance of working in a group and how essential it is to distribute the different tasks among each of the members, as well as the trust in your team members to know that they will do the work in the best possible way and then not have to check if what they have written is correct. You also learn to work with different people, to listen to different opinions and finally come to a conclusion together.

Do you think this subject of practices help you to pull yourselves out of the fire by yourselves?

I consider that this subject of practices are necessary to learn to work in a team and to assimilate the concepts that will later be explained in class. In final, they help us to pull the chestnuts out of the fire by ourselves.

What are the prizes for this year's edition?

In this edition there were three winning groups. The award consists of going to lunch or dinner with your group. This meal is paid for by the teacher and there is a maximum of 20 euros per person.

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