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V edition of the award of knowledge dissemination Scientific José María Sarriegui

Raúl Antón, director of Tecnun, and Pedro Tomey, President of the Observatory, delivered the award .

FotoCedida/PedroTomey, president of the AON Spain Foundation and Raúl Antón, director of Tecnun, with the award winner.

04 | 12 | 2023

T he fifth edition of theaward of knowledge dissemination Scientific José María Sarriegui, organized by the Disaster Observatory of the AON Foundation, took place on November 23rd. The submission, which was held during the VIII Symposium of the Observatory, was attended by the director de TecnunRaúl Antón and the researchers Leire Labaka and Fernando de Villar from department de Organización Industrial.

With this award, as explained by the Foundation, it is intended to honor the report of Sarri, former Deputy Director Researcher of Tecnun, who passed away in December 2018, and promoter of the Chair of the Catastrophes program that the School with the AON Foundation. On this occasion, the director of Tecnun, Raúl Antón, and the President of the AON Foundation Spain, Pedro Tomey, recognized the article graduate "Investigating perceptions of resilience to floods and supporting collective decision making through fuzzy cognitive mapping".

In addition, during the Symposium, the PhD student of the department of Industrial Organization, Fernando de Villar, explained the impact of catastrophes on critical infrastructures. To do so, as he pointed out, journalistic texts, press releases and reports from institutions on the ten most significant events in terms of insurance indemnities were analyzed. "It can be seen how the most common damage is caused to transport infrastructures, especially roads and electricity distribution infrastructures", he explained during his speech.

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