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Nearly 400 young people from around the world take early admission tests

More than 100 international students take the online exam from all over the world.

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PHOTO: Communication Service
05/03/20 14:25 Communication Service

On Saturday, February 29, the early admission tests and the open house workshop were held. In total, nearly 400 young people participated. More than 100 international students took the online test from around the world. The remaining participants took the exam at Tecnun.

The campus of Ibaeta welcomed young people from all communities. The 140 students from Guipuzcoa stood out, although 45 from Navarre, 15 from Castilla y León, 20 from Andalusia, 15 from Catalonia and students from other regions also participated.

The students' families enjoyed an open house workshop , which began with a roundtable moderated by Mikel Arcelus, director of Promotion and Admissions. It was attended by Maddi Ibarbia -former student, biomedical engineer and PhD candidate at BCBL-, Asier Alberro-industrial engineer of the company Salto-, and the double Degree student of Mechanical Engineering and design Industrial, Marta Parrilla.

The guests shared their experiences with the more than 200 attendees who crowded the auditorium, who showed great interest. This was followed by an informative session to resolve any doubts that may have arisen.

At the end, teachers Menchu Jaca, Mikel Arizmendi, Iñigo Gutiérrez, Aitziber López, Joaquin de Nó, Héctor Solar, Andoni Medina, Nicolás Serrano and Fernando Carazo, accompanied and explained the different Degrees offered by Tecnun.

The visit toured different laboratories such as mechanical, manufacturing, telecommunications, biomedical, fluids and automotive.

The workshop concluded at cafeteria. There, the participants got to know the offer of accommodation and solved all questions with the collaborating professors and students.

The next workshop open house and admission will be held on April 25.

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