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The B+INVAS training competition kicks off this month to promote entrepreneurship among students promote

The winners in each category will be awarded a trip to Israel and a financial award linked to the needs of the proposed business.

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Gustavo Pego during the presentation of B+INVAS. PHOTO: Communication Service
05/09/18 14:02 Communication Service

The B+INVAS 2018 program will be launched in a few days and today it has been presented to the students of the Entrepreneurs Club of Tecnun. And what does this program consist of? "It is a training competition that aims to goal promote the concern for innovation and entrepreneurship among university students," said the director of the Entrepreneurship Unit of the University of Navarra, Gustavo Pego. More specifically, the program promotes the generation and feasibility analysis of innovative ideas in the field of biosciences, in the industrial and service sectors.

To participate in the program it is not a prerequisite to already have an idea, because the first training session will focus on idea generation tools. On September 12 and 15 there will be two sessions of Desing Thinking, then a Business Canvas will be developed and, later, there will be a workshop of evaluation of Companies.

On September 27th will be the turn of the Innovation Fair, where there will be stands to promote contact between start-ups and investors. There will also be a roundtable of entrepreneurs and will be awarded the award Tecnun Entrepreneur, aimed at alumni of Tecnun who have started their own entrepreneurial business.

Before September 30, participants will have to submit submit a description of the academic/professional profile of the participants, an executive summary of project, a Business Canvas and an explanatory video of the business of a maximum of 3 minutes, based on the idea and its viability. The winners of each category will be awarded with a trip to Israel and an economic endowment linked to the needs of the proposed business.


It is possible to participate as an individual or in teams. In case of individual participation you must be student or former student (having completed your studies from 2014) of any of the programs of Degree or master of Tecnun. 

In the modality of teams, at least one of the team members is required to be student or former student (having completed their studies as of 2014) of any of the Degree or master's degree programs of Tecnun.

The winners of each category would be awarded with a trip to Israel to be held between October 27-31, 2018 and an amount of money for computer, telephony or other equipment linked to the needs of the proposed business. 

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