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Students of the Master in Industrial Engineering receive a course each year at the IESE Business School in Madrid.

The young people solve case studies and attend lectures on people management and leadership.

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Industrial Engineering Master's students solve case studies at IESE Business School PHOTO: Communication Service
05/12/19 11:44 Communication Service

The IESE programme complements the training of Master's students at Tecnun. "This programme consists of solving practical cases during a week and attending sessions with lecturers on people management issues", according to Professor Álvaro Lleó .

During this course, Master's students are confronted with real problems that they have to solve through dialogue and debate. For one week, the work dynamic is different. They are days for listening and sharing, as well as "making a first contact with companies through a Business School", as professorNoemí Pérezpoints out.

On this occasion, the students worked on cases that taught them how to lead their careers in a time of change and uncertainty, the importance of strategic direction and talent, as well as life course management and ethics in organisations by building trust. They also worked on leadership styles and interpersonal influence, as well as the exercise of team decision-making. They did so together with professors Guido Stein, Marta Elvira, José Ramón Pin, Enrique Carreño Fernández, Álvaro San Martín and Santiago Álvarez de Mon.

"You learn a lot because the classes are taught by professors with extensive professional experience and because of the difficulty of the cases themselves," says Industrial Engineering Master's student Carla Bustamante. "The professors make you question a series of actions or decisions that you would normally overlook and that, in reality, are vital for the resolution of the case," Bustamante continues.

As the students tell us, the week in Madrid is not only an academic experience, but also one of coexistence. The group ended the trip much more united. Throughout the week they had a class dinner, which was attended by everyone, including the teachers. A group of students also went to watch El Hormiguero and the Euroleague basketball match between Real Madrid and F.C. Barcelona. "On the last day, Eduardo Prieto, a professional referee and a colleague of ours, organised a visit to the football city of Las Rozas, where the Spanish national team trains," explains Carla Bustamante.

Basque Industry 4.0 Congress

The students also attended the Basque Industry 4.0 Congress, as part of the 4.0 Skills Programme offered by the School. The young people visited companies such as Tekniker, Tecnalia, Gaiker, Vicomtech and Energigune. "It was very positive, because in addition to the visits, we had a few hours of free time to visit and talk to the companies we were interested in", concludes the student.  

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