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Tecnun and Bic Gipuzkoa create a Chair to promote entrepreneurship in Gipuzkoa

Among the objectives is to strengthen the innovation and entrepreneurship skills of future engineers.

FotoCedida/El director of Tecnun, Raúl Antón, the president of Bic Gipuzkoa, Leyre Madariaga, and the Regional Deputy for Economic Promotion, Tourism and Rural Environment, Jabier Larrañaga, after the signature of the new agreement.

06 | 02 | 2023

Bic Gipuzkoa and Tecnun, the School of Engineering of the University of Navarra, have launched a Chair focused on development entrepreneurship in Gipuzkoa. Among the objectives is to strengthen the competencies linked to innovation and entrepreneurship of students, researchers and alumni of Tecnun.

The signature of the new agreement "crystallizes" the more than twenty years of collaboration between the two institutions, as highlighted by the president of Bic Gipuzkoa, Leyre Madariaga, at the event that took place at the School of Engineering this morning. "The relationship between Tecnun and Bic Gipuzkoa has always been marked by support and learning, but, above all, it is based on the application of our knowledge to the business initiatives generated by the researchers, professors and students of campus of Ibaeta".

The director of the School of Engineering, Raúl Antón, wanted to thank BIC Gipuzkoa for its support and highlighted "the high percentage of successful entrepreneurial projects incubated by alumni of Tecnun thanks, for the most part, to the support of Bic". "We are convinced that continuing to train new generations in the field of entrepreneurship will have a positive impact on society as a whole."

The Chair, which will be led at Tecnun by the University's Entrepreneurship director , Gustavo Pegowill allow "to continue advancing in aspects for which both institutions have been betting for some time", such as training, awareness and knowledge dissemination of entrepreneurship, as emphasized by the new agreement.

Among the activities of the Chair is the implementation of an investment laboratory aimed at student body of Tecnun that will allow them to learn to make decisions with the criteria of an investor. Another project will be the creation of an Entrepreneurship School made up of alumni from Tecnun experts in different fields. "It is fascinating because you can involve alumni who want to refund to society what they have received. Entrepreneurs need support and we are going to give it to them with entrepreneurs who have already walked this path", Gustavo Pego points out.

"With this program we want to continue working together to research, promote, encourage and promote more entrepreneurship of high scientific and technological value," said the president of Bic Gipuzkoa, Leyre Madariaga. "It is also a confirmation of how Tecnun has internalized its role in the development of an ecosystem of entrepreneurship and advanced services for companies and organizations," he concluded.

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