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"Company visits are a good opportunity for networking."

Master of Telecommunications students visit Salto Systems company

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he students of the Master's Degree in Telecommunications visited the company Salto Systems. PHOTO: Courtesy
06/05/19 11:55 Communication Service

Belén Martín Urcelay is a student in the Master's program in Telecommunicationsvisit at Tecnun and has recently been, together with her classmates from class, on a guided tour of the company Salto Systems. Belén tells us her impressions about this business visit .

What was the goal of the visit to Salto?

Professor Jaizki Mendizabal suggested us to visit a company with the goal to get first-hand knowledge of the radio communications sector, and asked us which company we would like to visit. My colleagues and I chose Salto Systems, because it is an international company whose headquarters are only twenty minutes away from San Sebastian. This allowed us to see the whole process, from research and manufacturing to sales. In addition, we thought it was a good opportunity to network with a company that is looking for telecommunications engineers and offers good working conditions.

What did the visit to Salto Systems consist of?

First of all, Amaia Martiarena, from Salto HR gave us a brief explanation about the company, she told us what they did, who their customers were, what the company's environment was like, etc. Afterwards, we had a tour of all the facilities; from the innovation and research area , through the human resources area, we even visited the factory and could see how they manufactured the devices. Finally, they informed us of their plans to expand the workforce, and told us that a good option to join Salto Systems would be through the project Final Master's Degree in the company, so they described the different projects they offer and encouraged us to apply for them.

In addition to this visit, have you received more sessions from business professionals?

Yes, we have received several sessions from professionals from the business sector. On the one hand, we received two researchers from the prestigious German Fraunhofer research center . For one week, we had the opportunity to attend to their classes on satellite communications.

Also, a professional from CAF came to give us a session, in which he not only explained the communication protocols in a train and their applications, but also described the organisation and functions of the CAF company.

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