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The companies Salto Systems and Arregui awarded students from Tecnun

Both companies proposed challenges to design Industrial Engineering and development Product Engineering students.

06 | 06 | 2023

Company representatives Salto Systems y Arregui have recently been at the School to award a award to students from Tecnun in recognition of the work done. Both companies proposed a different challenge to the 4th and 3rd year students, of Industrial design and Product development Engineering.

Iñaki Remiro, professor of Workshop III, was in charge of supervising the students' work for Salto Systems' challenge , in which they applied the Design Thinking/Human Centered Design methodology, "with the focus on solving the needs of the end users without losing sight of technical-technological factors, as well as the market". Remiro emphasizes that, with this subject of challenges, students can put into practice what they have learned theoretically at class, and they are very enriching jobs for the students. Four representatives from the company Salto came to evaluate the students' work: Carlos Ferreira, Javier Lecaroz, Diego Larraya and Jorge Verasategui.

The student Warren Dave Santiago Reyes, 4th year of Degree in Industrial and Product Engineering design development participated in the Salto Systems contest and highlights in the following interview what this challenge has given him as a student.  

What did it mean to you to participate in this contest organized by Salto Systems? 

Salto's company has allowed me to learn much more than I knew about electronic locks. Honestly, it has been a very interesting challenge to face and overcome. 

Have you been able to put into practice what you have learned theoretically at class? 

In our class, we have had a more practical approach , spending most of the class time devising and working on projects. Although the theory has been limited, the professor has been very helpful in the guidance and feedback he has given us. I am very grateful that Professor Iñaki Remiro has acted as guide during the whole process, which has allowed us to learn in a more effective way.  

What about working in a team? 

Working as a team has been a bit difficult. We had other projects with other groups, which made it difficult for us to meet to work at times. But with this, we have established working methods so that, in these cases, we could each contribute at our own pace and move forward with the project. 

What did this award entail, and what did it consist of? 

The award has been an honorary accredited specialization and a check of 150€ for each member of the group. For my part, it has meant one more contribution to be able to pay for my studies at the University, since I get funding through scholarships and credits for my studies. It is not much, but it is something. 

In addition, I had never been awarded for a University paper before. Therefore, receiving this award has made me feel very proud of all the work and effort I have invested in my professional career and in my development staff . It motivates me to move forward and continue to strive to achieve my goals and objectives in the future. It fills me with satisfaction to know that my effort has been recognized by others. 

challenge of the company Arregui


In the case of challenge of the company Arregui, the teacher who was at position was Iñigo Echeverria Martinez, who teaches Workshop design II in the Degree of Engineering design Industrial and development Product. Echeverria emphasizes that it has been a great experience, "very motivating", although the part of award arose after presenting the projects and was motivated "by the great interest that the projects aroused in the company Arregui". The project was precisely focused on whether the designs were feasible and could be manufactured with Arregui's capabilities. "They then went through the filter of Arregui's technical director who provided concrete feedback on this point," the professor maintains. "The project was individual, but the students had to work with Arregui's requirements and objectives. 

The student Santiago Pérez Chávez, 3rd year Industrial Engineering student at design and development product, is one of the winners of the Arregui contest and emphasizes that the practice has helped him to reinforce the theory:  

What did it mean to you to participate in this Arregui company contest? 

Participating in this contest has helped me to sharpen my skills in the design product and to learn about the different manufacturing techniques. 

Have you been able to put into practice what you have learned theoretically at class? 

Yes, the theoretical content at position of Professor Iñigo Echeverría has helped me to direct my project and pay attention to those essential details. When designing a product it is important to take into account those who manufacture and assemble it as well as the final Username . It is all about experience for those involved in the chain. 

What about working in a team? 

For this project we didn't work too much as a team, but I enjoyed it and learned a lot. At the beginning it was hard to think of ideas and solutions, but once you go deeper into the topic, the ideas come and the constant desire to improve what you are thinking. 

 What did this award entail, and what did it consist of? 

Getting this award has been a great joy for me and for my parents when I told them about it. I really enjoy the career I am studying and getting this award sample how it has been worth it to get as far as I have come. It fills me with pride to know that there are companies that recognize this kind of work, especially when we are still university students. The award that I was awarded consisted of a stipend and a gift of one of their products: a safety deposit box camouflaged in a book. Very ingenious and fun.  

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