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A hundred of alumni celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Degrees de Tecnun

Eleven speakers in three simultaneous round tables at the event organized by Alumni Tecnun on Friday, June 2.

06 | 06 | 2023

Last Friday, June 2, Tecnun celebrated the tenth anniversary of the Degrees with a hundred alumni, students and professors. The head of Alumni at Tecnun, Soledad Abad, started the workshop at auditorium thanking the presence of "so many familiar faces". She explained that the important thing about Alumni is to answer the question of what it is and who makes it up: "Alumni are all of you who have studied here and I want you to know that this will always be your home," he said. He also highlighted the high percentage of alumni professors at the School and how important their support is, with almost 10,000 alumni from Tecnun "spread all over the world". In addition, Abad took the opportunity to remind them that one way to follow contact is the Linkedin group of Tecnun, in which job offers and events of interest are posted. 

For his part, the director of development, Iñigo Gutiérrez, spoke of some of the projects in which the School is immersed, such as the launching of the City Science Lab or the creation of the Gene Haas Center. However, he added: "The essence, the heart of Tecnun, has not changed no matter how many years have passed". 

Three round tables and about a hundred attendees

The event simultaneously hosted three round tables. One, open to all Degrees and the other two focused on the Degree of Engineering in design Industrial and development of Products e Biomedical Engineering.

10th anniversary of the Degrees

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