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Tecnun holds the first workshop of Initiation to Engineering in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence.

A total of 35 students from high school diploma students visit Tecnun to get to know the new Degree in a practical way.

06 | 11 | 2023

goal With the aim of bringing engineering closer to the students of high school diploma, the Promotion Service of Tecnun has organized, throughout the month of October, different introductory conference . The goal, as Mikel Arcelus, head of the service, explains, is "to help young people understand what engineering is and the different branches that exist before choosing what they want to do". In this sense, last week a total of 35 students of high school diplomafrom schools in the Basque Country and Navarre came to the academic center last week to learn about the new Degree for Computer Engineering and Artificial Intelligence that the School has launched for the 2024-2025 academic year.

"At Degree , students will acquire the skills to design intelligent systems capable of learning autonomously after processing large amounts of data and determining behavioral patterns," says Arcelus. "This workshop, the first in this field, has been enriching because in a practical way they have seen what Artificial Intelligence is and the mathematical basis behind it."


During the workshop, the coordinator of the new Degree and teacher, Idoia Ochoa, explained to the attendees the learning modules, the profile of the student body and the professional opportunities. "It is a transversal profile and highly demanded by companies," she encouraged the young people. "The future of engineering goes through Artificial Intelligence and professionals capable of working with massive amounts of data are needed," she stressed.

Together with professors Jesús de la source, Junior Fodop and Carlos Javier Rodríguez, he organized a practical workshop for young people to discover how an artificial neural network works and the mathematical basis behind decision-making. In addition, the young people were able to understand how computers learn autonomously without human intervention. To do this, they used specific software, called K-means, which allowed them to understand how data can be grouped automatically into different groups based on a series of characteristics.

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