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Students from Tecnun participate in the workshop of Academic Talent

The second edition of the workshop "Talento Académico: la carrera universitaria como futuro profesional" took place in Pamplona.

07 | 11 | 2022

About 350 students and professors attended last Saturday the second edition of the workshop "Academic Talent: the university career as a future professional". On behalf of Tecnun participated in the workshop two deputy directors of the School: Marta Ormazabal (Research) and Jorge Juan Gil (Students) and they were accompanied by a doctoral student, Iñigo Barasoain, two master's students, Jose Antonio Zelada and Juncal Bald, and four students from Degree, Esther García, Carolina Iglesias, Cristina Aparicio and Luis Montal.

The rector, María Iraburu, welcomed the attendees and highlighted three points core topic about what she calls "the phenotype of the university professor": he/she is an explorer of the truth, who seeks to be an expert on various issues; he/she tries to be an inspiration to others through teaching and accompaniment in training; and he/she is part, both locally and internationally, of a university community multidisciplinary. He also recalled that the commitment to knowledge, research or teaching can be a real driver of change in society.

This was followed by two panels with professors and doctoral students from different faculties focused on the richness of teaching as a professional development and the fundamental pillars of thesis and research.

The event continued with a session by the Vice President for Research and Sustainability, Paloma Grau, and the Vice President of academic staff, Pablo Sánchez-Ostiz, in which the technical aspects of the academic career were explained: requirements to do the thesis, existing aids, and Doctoral Schooland others.

During the break, participants attended a coffee break on the Museum's terrace where they had the opportunity to have discussions with professors and PhD students.

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