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A jigsaw puzzle of engineers designs and builds an all-electric car

They form the TecnuneRacing team and will compete in Formula Student this summer.

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The members of TecnuneRacing in the campus of the School. PHOTO: TecnuneRacing
08/03/18 10:28 Communication Service

Every year, a team of future engineers sketches the shape of the Formula Student car for Tecnun. The students take into account the technical characteristics such as suspension, aerodynamics, electronics, traction system or transmission, as well as the planning and organization part that every great project entails. The team is distributed in different areas under the supervision of some heads of area, and specific tasks are assigned to the different members in order to carry out the project: an all-electric car(TecnuneRacing). The team leader, Koldo Iriarte, immersed as scholarship recipient in this project before starting his Master's Degree in Industrial Engineering, summarizes in three the steps to be followed by any team participating in Formula Student: design, build and compete, but above all learn and enjoy.

The summer, for many just around the corner, will bring them the challenge to compete against engineering students from other countries in the Assen (Holland) and Montmeló (Spain) Formula Student races. This international competition was first held in the UK in 1998 with the collaboration and support of industry engineers and business leaders, such as patron saint, Ross Brawn. Since then, every year, more than 400 universities from all over the world have the challenge to design and build single-seater racing cars in order to compete in static and dynamic tests to prove their worth.

The puzzle of students of Tecnun includes students of Industrial Technologies Engineering, Mechanical, Electrical, Industrial Electronics, Industrial Organization, Telecommunication Systems, Communications Electronics Engineering, design Industrial and development of Products and Energy. The richness of project is based on the multidisciplinary nature, the teamwork and the effort of the 54 members who combine their studies with the creation of the single-seater.

The automotive workshop in the Igara Building at Tecnun receives the daily comings and goings of these young people. If they have class in the morning, they come to work in the afternoon. Or vice versa. And Andoni Medina, Industrial Engineer and PhD student of Tecnun, supervises the work and supports the students in everything they need. There is also a student in charge of communication, Manuel Salazar, who makes the team's work visible on the website, makes videos or spreads on Instagram, along with other students, photographs of the team or the progress of their artwork.

The organization department , led by Alejandra Areñas, complements the technical work and makes it possible to build the car in the required time and have the necessary material. It does this through the recruitment of sponsors who support and trust in project as well as detailed planning. In turn, he is in charge of the static tests of the competition, presenting a business plan and calculating the manufacturing costs of the car.

Some members have experience from other years, as they were part of the traditional teams of Tecnun, Motorsport and SeedRacing, which merged at the beginning of the year in order to adapt to market requirements and build an all-electric car. This allows them to improve their work every year, maintain the support of collaborating companies such as AIC, Teknika or Irizar, and obtain new sponsorships.


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