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"We are passionate about theater and we face this chance to direct Chismarracos as an opportunity to experience it in a different way."

Rafael Cisneros and Pablo Lloves are this year's directors of the theater club at Tecnun

FotoServiciode Comunicación/Pablo Lloves and Rafael Cisneros, directors of Chismarracos

08 | 03 | 2021

Rafael Cisneros and Pablo Lloves are the directors this year of the theater club of TecnunThey will perform on March 8 (Monday), 10 (Wednesday) and 12 (Friday) at 18.45h at auditorium of Tecnun, they will present the play "Mi adorado Juan", by Miguel Mihura.

How did the option of directing the Theater Club come about and what has it brought you?

At the beginning we had doubts whether Chismarracos could continue this year, everything was very uncertain. Even when we were given the approval we thought that at any moment the project was going to fall due to Covid precautions.

On the other hand, the decision for us to be the directors came to us a little because we were the most veteran of the group. Although we really wanted to act, we knew that there had to be someone to take over the job. We are passionate about theater and we faced this chance to direct as an opportunity to experience theater in a different way and the truth is that it has been a very enriching challenge . We knew we could rely on a great group that would help us put into practice leadership, decision making and time management. There have been many hours dedicated to Chismarracos, which have been paying off in our growth staff.

What does it mean to be back on stage? We know that you were very sad to have to cancel last year's performances.

We are back with more enthusiasm than ever, we intend to entertain and enjoy another year with the public. Last year, we were left wanting to perform on the last day at Tecnun and in Pamplona, but we are very excited that, despite the current status , we can enjoy a new interpretation.

How have you organized your rehearsals this year, in the middle of the pandemic?

We asked all the 'Chismas' about their schedule classes and what day would be best to rehearse. We chose Thursday afternoons throughout the first semester. In these rehearsals we did not work with the play, but rather did exercises in vocalization, improvisation, or interpretation, as well as games where we could all enjoy and laugh together.

When we came back from Christmas we started to work more on the play and the opening acts. Everyone had their own assigned role and we set up an intense rehearsal plan to arrive as prepared as possible for the premiere. We must recognize the effort of all the 'Chismas' for their involvement.

What does the play consist of?

This year the play is "Mi Adorado Juan" by Miguel Mihura, and it is a shorter play, with fewer characters and a more intelligent humor than other years. In it, we will see how Irene's blind love frustrates her father, preventing her from marrying Juan, her platonic love. The strange thing is that not only Irene's father opposes the marriage, but Juan himself as well. He does not want to change his bohemian and selfish life plan for a love. Irene will try to convince both of them to find the happiness she longs for.

What do you like most about the work?

The whole play is very easy to watch, the script is very well done and the characters are very different. We always get really into the play, despite having read and seen it so many times already. It has that nice hooking capacity. The fact that there are fewer characters this year also helps financial aid to understand the play better.

Why would you encourage the university community to come see you?

Honestly, we think the play format we have in mind this year is particularly fun. We'll start with two short opening acts, both with very easy and entertaining humor. We can't help but fall over laughing. Going into the main play, we are convinced that we are going to like it. The story we will tell is very nice, with touches of humor that all the 'Chismas' convey very well.

Are you nervous, or do you have everything under control?

We are approaching the premiere quite calmly. The interpretation of all the 'Chismas' has been sublime for several days, this has allowed us to polish the performance with better scenery and coordination of movements. We can't wait for people to see all the work we have put in, we hope you all like it!

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