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Tomás Gómez-Acebo: "Hydrogen is an element core topic for the decarbonization of society".

The director of the Chair of Energy Transition Fundación Repsol at the University, Tomás Gómez-Acebo, explains the keys to the next webinar on May 11.

08 | 05 | 2023

Tomás Gómez-AceboTomás Gómez-AceboFull Professor from Tecnun and director of the Chair of Energy Transition Repsol Foundation at the University of Navarra, encourages employees of Tecnun and Ceit to participate in the webinar "Green hydrogen in mobility".which will take place this Thursday, May 11at 17.00h.

Q. Why would you encourage joining this webinar?

R. Hydrogen is a very topical topic because of its novelty. There are many projects, as well as investment plans and development that are appearing lately related to hydrogen. It is an element core topic for the decarbonization of society, and since in Europe we are forbidden to emit carbon dioxide, hydrogen is one of the most important alternatives.

Q. How is seminar room online designed?

R. What we have thought of is to bring together a number of people who are experts in hydrogen. Above all, thinking about heavy mobility. So, there will be a speaker on hydrogen generation and others on the use of hydrogen in the propulsion of buses, planes and trains.

Q. Will green hydrogen help reduce pollution?

Using hydrogen has zero carbon dioxide emissions, because what a hydrogen engine emits is water vapor, nothing else. So emissions are reduced. Hydrogen has the potential to respond to the challenges of decarbonized transportation, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, pollution in our cities, and dependence on carbon-intensive fuels. Whether as a subject feedstock for making net-zero emission synthetic fuels or as a source fuel cell power supply, hydrogen is poised to be one of the strategic pillars of transportation decarbonization.

Q. Which speakers will participate in the webinar?

It will start at 17H with the opening to my position, and then it will be the turn of Andrés Suárez, Global Strategy & Growth Lead at Exolum, who will talk about the supply of green hydrogen for mobility. This will be followed by Héctor Larena, Head of Testing at the Zaragoza Plant of Construcciones y Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles (CAF), who will talk about the hydrogen train. Then it will be the turn of Miguel Angel Alonso, Director Engineering and European Funds at Alsa/National Express Group, who will talk about Alsa's experience with hydrogen-powered buses. Finally, Alberto Núñez, Head of development Sustainable Technologies Business at Airbus Spain, will speak about the hydrogen airplane.

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