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The third-year students are passing the halfway point of their time in Tecnun

The Miramar Palace has hosted the presentation of graduation sashes and a roundtable with alumni

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Students at the Miramar Palace on the day of their promotion. PHOTO: Communication Service
09/01/18 10:15 Communication Service

This morning the third year students have passed the halfway point of their stage in Tecnun. The workshop started with a mass in the parish San Sebastián Mártir with the chaplain chaplain Toché MarínToché Marín, who stressed the importance of a good technical, human and spiritual formation. At 12 noon, after several selfies, some jokes and a bit of cold, the young people took their seats at auditorium of the Miramar Palace to receive their scholarship and listen to the testimony of three alumni. The theme of the roundtable, moderated by professor Iñigo GutiérrezThe theme of the meeting, moderated by Professor Iñigo Gutiérrez, focused on the professional future of the students.

The third-year students are passing the halfway point of their time in Tecnun

Eugenia Iraola, Head of Human Resources at GKN. GKN, or in charge of "attracting talent", as Iñigo Gutierrez introduced her, spoke of the value of intangibles when hiring an engineer. "We look for people with initiative, who are not afraid to make mistakes," said Iraola. "We take technical knowledge for granted. The skills that are not seen are the ones that are valued," he said.

Daniel Aguinaga (Tecnun'9), coordinator Innovation of Ikor, has launched an encouraging message to young people: "Write my name down because we want people like you. You are in a powerful university and you are being trained in the latest technology".

The third speaker, Ander Landaberea, completed the Master in Industrial Engineering last year and after completing the project Final in Etxe-Tar he started working in this company in Elgoibar. His advice was firm: "Keep training, learn languages and if you have time, don't hesitate to sign up for social activities", while he recalled that the first time he did volunteer activities was thanks to an initiative at ASPACE initiative promoted by the School. 

The roundtable was also open to questions from the students and one of them asked about the convenience of doing a master's degree after finishing the Degree, to which all three answered in the affirmative.

The third-year students are passing the halfway point of their time in Tecnun

"Undoubtedly. The master's degree is a plus and sometimes the Degree falls short", replied Eugenia Iraola, to the nodding of Aguinaga and Landaberea. The latter concluded with the following reflection: "Get to know each other thoroughly to decide what you want to do. You are going to spend many hours on your work space. There will be failures and hard times, but if you like what you do, you will have a much better chance of being happy".  



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