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Tecnunamong the most outstanding universities in which to study Engineering.

This is highlighted in the CYD ranking.

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09/07/20 13:01

This 2020 university entrance exams are very different from previous years due to the coronavirus crisis. Future university students will face a radically different university entrance exam , starting with the issue of exam days (four instead of the usual three), dates (one month later than planned before the pandemic) and health precautions.

In addition, these dates are key for future university students who must decide what career to study and decide what career to study and choose the university where to study.. The CYD ranking has highlighted the most outstanding universities in which to study Engineering in Spain, among which are Degrees of Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Engineering at Tecnun.

Analyzing the 3 universities that stand out for having a greater issue of high performance indicators among the 7 engineering fields included in the area study of its ranking, CYD detects 4 that repeat their presence in the different disciplines. The Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, the Carlos III de Madrid, Tecnun-Universidad de Navarra and the Pontificia de Comillas.

In the case of Tecnun, the CYD ranking highlights the Degrees of Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Engineering School, and makes a detailed description of Tecnun: "In the city of San Sebastian is Tecnun, which aims to contribute to the professional training, scientific and human of future engineers. The school was created in 1961 seeking a balance between teaching, research, transfer and service to society. It currently has two campus: the oldest site located in Ibeata and the other in the Miramón Technology Park".

"The scientific work at the School of Engineering is carried out in collaboration with researchers from the Center for Technical Studies and Research of Gipuzkoa (CEIT), with which Tecnun shares laboratories and library. In this way, the academic research is complemented by the practical interest of a Center such as the CEIT, with a marked character of service to the industry". 

"It has more than 8,200 alumni and currently teaches 11 Degrees Engineering, 3 masters and a doctoral program to more than 1,200 students," concludes the CYD ranking.

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