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Two engineers from Tecnun among the 111 brightest young people under 35 years of age.

Iker Liceaga and Ander Galisteo have been selected among 1,625 applications.


10 | 03 | 2021

The engineer of Tecnun Iker Liceaga has been awarded by Nova Talent, the global network that connects people with high potential, among the 111 brightest Spanish young people under 35 years old. Specifically, Liceaga has been selected in the "Engineering and Energy" category. It should be noted that 1,625 young people with an age of 29 years have applied to the call for applications average .

Iker Liceaga studied Industrial Technologies Engineering at Tecnun, the School of Engineering of the University of Navarra in San Sebastian. After finishing his Master's Degree in Industrial Engineering at this university, he got a scholarship to do his project Master's Thesis at MIT, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is currently working as a leader of Mechanical Engineering for several scientific instruments at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, located in Washington.

Also the former student of Telecommunication Engineering of Tecnun, Ander Galisteo, has been recognized by Nova Talent. Ander works at Ikerlan, research center of the Mondragon Cooperative, as a Developer and researcher Senior in Industrial Cybersecurity. He is dedicated to accompany companies in their transition to have cybersecure products and services.

"The truth is that a recognition of both your career and your potential is always received with enthusiasm," says Ander. "During the last 3 weeks I have been contacted by dozens of very interesting people, from journalists to entrepreneurs to people with social enterprises and much more. It's been a hectic few weeks with meetings and video calls, but I think the network of people that has been created is going to be a very positive influence on my career," maintains the telecommunications engineer.

The goal of this call is to recognize the best trained and most capable young people to lead the future of the country. To this end, it has analyzed the candidatures of young people from these 11 sectors: Technology; Health and Life Sciences; Politics and Public Sector; consultancy service Strategic; Entrepreneurship and Startups; Legal Services; Finance and Investment; Engineering and Energy; Social Impact; Telecommunications and Media; and Retail Sales and Marketing.

According to Nova Talent, most of them are active and live in Madrid and Barcelona, and to a lesser extent, in Valencia and Seville. But there were also applications from young people living in London, Luxembourg, Chicago, Munich, Paris, Stockholm and Malmö. Of the 111 winners, the vast majority are fluent in several languages and have been educated at foreign universities - in addition to Spanish universities - including Harvard.

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