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Master's students celebrate the end of the year

From the next academic year, the Master's in Industrial Engineering will also be taught in Madrid.

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The Master's students pose at campus in San Sebastian, before going to lunch at the Ondarreta Tennis Club. PHOTO: Communication Service
10/05/19 11:38 Communication Service

Nearly one hundred Master's students from Tecnun are finishing their theoretical classes these days and are saying goodbye to the School to enter the working world. The new graduates of Tecnun have celebrated today their official farewell. The workshop started with the celebration of a mass in the chapel of the Ibaeta Building. This was followed by a roundtable to position by Javier Cárdenas, Javier Ganuza and Javier Santos, in which the different services offered by the Alumni Office Tecnun were presented. Then it was the turn of the delegates of each Master, who addressed a few words to their classmates and concluded with a few words of thanks and a gift to the directors of each postgraduate course. It should be noted that this is the last year that this celebration will be held only in San Sebastian, since, starting next year, the Master's Degree in Industrial Engineering will also be taught at the new postgraduate headquarters of the University of Navarra in Madrid.

After this, students and professors posed together for the traditional graduation photo. Among the different groups that have been formed, the students were commenting in which company they will do the project End of Master's Degree (PFM). Julia Olano, student of the Master in Telecommunication Engineering at Tecnun, commented that she will do her PFM at the Fraunhofer Institute, where she already spent six months last year. "I really liked the research project , which consisted of implementing improvements to compress audios using as little information as possible, but with the same result". In January she returns to Germany and is looking forward to the new projects she will be working on.

For his part, Miguel Jiménez, student of the Master in Biomedical Engineering, will begin his internship next month at IBM, where he will spend a year at area of consultancy service Artificial Intelligence. "They will give me different projects to assimilate the concepts, and I will contact different companies, especially pharmaceutical companies, from which I will extract biomedical data. I have been told that I will be working with tool Watson, which is very powerful, so it is a project that looks very exciting," said the student.

After the promotion photos, both students and teachers went to the Ondarreta Tennis Court where they shared a table and tablecloth. They were also able to recall the anecdotes they have experienced during their time at Tecnun.

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