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The University, first in Spain according to employers

The QS World University Ranking 2021 places it among the 100 best in the world in the 'reputation among employers' indicator and 252nd globally.

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workshop job search organized by Career Services of the University of Navarra. PHOTO: Manuel Castells
10/06/20 09:16

The University of Navarra is the university with the best reputation in Spain according to national and international employers. This is clear from the results of the QS World University Ranking 2021, in which the University is the first in Spain in the indicator "Reputation among employers" (Employer Reputation). The academic center is also among the top 100 universities in the world in this indicator, which is the one in which sample is the strongest. The QS consultancy evaluates this element of the ranking based on more than 50,000 surveys of employers around the world.

In total, in this ranking the University ranks 252nd in the world, fifth in Spain and first among private universities. The University of Navarra also stands out in the indicator that measures the percentage of international students, in which it is among the top 200 universities in the world. This year, it has also climbed 37 places (306th in the world) in the quality of teaching (student-faculty ratio), as well as in the percentage of international professors (510), gaining 20 places.

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The QS World University Ranking evaluated more than 5,500 universities this year, although only 1,186 from more than 80 countries managed to appear in the ranking. The ranking is based on six indicators: academic reputation, reputation among employers, issue of students per professor, citations in scientific publications, percentage of foreign professors and percentage of international students. Of the final evaluation for all universities, 70 percent is based on data compiled by QS or third parties (such as the bibliographic database Scopus) and 30 percent is extracted from information provided by the universities themselves.

The director of the University's Rankings Unit, Ignacio de Lorenzo, has indicated that"the ranking has positively valued some key features of the University of Navarra such as the quality of its teaching, its connection with the reality of the company, the excellence of its research and its international outreach. In addition, it offers us realistic information that allows comparison with the best universities around the world and is useful from a strategic point of view".

QS has been conducting its university rankings since 2004, and has become reference letter global for the evaluation of international university education performance.

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