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Luis Collantes: "The profile of Biomedical Engineering students is very much in demand in today's market".

The CEO of Albyn Medical Group, associate professor at Tecnun, shares his experience with the students of the Master's Degree in Biomedical Engineering.

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A student conducts research in the Biomedical Engineering Laboratory PHOTO: Communication Service
11/01/19 18:27 Communication service

Luis Collantes is CEO of Albyn Medical Group , a company from Navarra, pioneer in the design, production, sale and international distribution of innovative medical devices, especially in the areas of urology, digestive and diagnostic imaging. Collantes is one of the associate professors of the School's Master's Degree in Biomedical Engineering.

What did you talk to the students about?

The idea I wanted to convey to them is that they should see, within the Medical Device, where the value is: in the design, in the certification, in the manufacture, in the sale, in the after-sales? I have tried to identify with them where the value is, within each of the phases of a product's life.

What do you think the profile of the students of the Master's in Biomedical Engineering at Tecnun can contribute to the business world?

Your profile is in great demand in today's market. Engineering degrees are becoming more and more specialised and this is what companies are demanding today. The health sector is always a growing sector, so it is a very, very interesting master's degree.

Therefore, do you think that the professional opportunities of this master's degree are wide-ranging?

Yes, of course. Moreover, in Spain there are more and more entrepreneurial companies in the sector and we are lacking this profile. The students of this master's degree already have a very specific knowledge of the health sector, and that saves us companies a very long period of internal training.  

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