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"People have become aware, but sending things to Venezuela is expensive and difficult."

Venezuelans from campus organize various events to be able to send needed products to their country

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Gabriela Sarriegui, Lorena Lozada and Iñaki Sancho PHOTO: Communication Service
11/03/19 11:47 Communication Service

It is clear to no one that Venezuela is not living its best moment, and that is why Venezuelans Gabriela Sarriegui and Lorena Lozada have decided to lend a hand to their compatriots from here. Both are researchers at Ceit and, together with the professor of Tecnun Iñaki Sancho, who is "from here, but has many friends there", are promoting various initiatives to raise money to send medicines, hygiene products, clothes or, in general, all those things that are scarce today in the Latin American country. 

To this end, they have organized a solidarity raffle and the proceeds from the raffle at the Venezuelan chiringuito on the Day of patron saint will be used to defray the shipping costs of these packages of products that they send as soon as they have the opportunity, by boat or plane. "People have become aware, but, even so, we need to raise money because sending things to Venezuela is expensive and difficult" recognizes the "very Venezuelan" Gabriela Sarriegui, as she calls herself.

"We need money to 'take out' what we already have," he says. Proceeds from the Spring Concert at Tecnun will also go to this cause. 

It should be noted that Gabriela, Lorena and Iñaki are not alone. Last Thursday they did an awareness session with students from Tecnun and, on the other hand, they work hand in hand with the association 'High five for Venezuela'. A association that, "without wanting to get into political issues", decided to set up a system for collecting and sending financial aid to the other side of the Atlantic. 

The initiative 'High five for Venezuela' is "logistically supported" by association Cultural Baraibar, based in Pamplona. They carry out the shipments through different points, crossing the border from Ecuador, Bolivia or Guatemala, using both the mail system and the trips of people they trust. 

Therefore, anyone who wants to collaborate with this solidarity cause, will have the opportunity to do so on March 18 during the Day of the patron saint in the solidarity bar in Venezuela or by contacting contact directly with the two researchers of Ceit or with the professor of Tecnun.

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