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Master's students celebrate the end of the course

Now they begin their Master's Thesis and their professional career.

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Master's students pose on campus before going to lunch at the NH Aranzazu hotel. PHOTO: Communication Service
11/05/18 09:42

Around 100 Master's students from Tecnun are finishing their theoretical classes these days and are saying goodbye to the School to enter the working world. Under a sun of justice and with a smile of satisfaction on their faces, the students have celebrated today their official farewell. The day began with the celebration of a mass in the Oratory of the Ibaeta Building. Afterwards, they all posed together for the class photo, followed by the Closing Session of the Master's Degree. In it, the students listened attentively to the reflections of Professor Emeritus Justino Fernandez. The title of the session was: 'What is expected of you'.

Later it was the turn of the delegates' farewell speech and, finally, that of Javier Santos, director of the Master's Degree in Production Management. Production Management.

Santos stressed the importance of personal development. In his speech, he encouraged the students to continue their education and to continue their relationship with Tecnun. "We hope that one of the decisions you will make in the future will be to keep in touch with Tecnun, to come and visit us from time to time and tell us how your life is going, as we are sure you will do well," he told the students.

Master's students celebrate the end of the course

"You have made a bet, surely a winning one, to complete your training with a master's degree, a journey of an extra year of experiences that at Tecnun we have prepared with love and enthusiasm, combining all kinds of activities so that you can reach the highest possible level of training at the University," said the professor of the Department of Industrial Organization. Santos wanted to stress the importance of the end-of-master's degree project that the students are starting now, encouraging them to take it responsibly. "The project that you will soon begin is not like the end-of-degree project, but longer. If that were the case, you would be doing the same as an undergraduate student doing an internship in a company. If that were the case, what would have been the point of doing a master's degree," Santos reflected.

A promising professional future

The students of the Master of Industrial Engineering, Telecommunication Engineering, Biomedical Engineering y Production Management in Automotive Companies will carry out their Master's Thesis in different companies starting in June, such as Microsoft, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Orona EIC, CAF S.A., Indar Electric, Etxe-Tar S.A, Salto Systems S.L, Fundación Tecnalia Research & Innovation, Ikasplay S.L, Grupo Ikor, Biolan Microbiosensores S.L, Kirogrifols and Segula Tecnologías España.

"I will do it in the company Gogoa," says Nacho Reina, one of the "bios" of the group. This company specializes in the design, development, manufacture and marketing of electrotherapeutic equipment. "I will program and test the robots to optimize their development, make them more comfortable and better adapt to the way patients walk," he says with a smile. 

Master's students celebrate the end of the course

Marta Urkizu, from the Master's program in Telecommunication Engineering, closes her time at Tecnun with a view to working at the arrhythmia center of the University of Michigan: "My project will consist of processing heart signals with the aim of obtaining patterns to make measurements in hospitals more accurate".
When asked about their time at Tecnun it is common to hear that they are left with "the good treatment and closeness of the professors", as described by Nacho Reina. 

Young Xabier Galilea and Pablo Herrero have highlighted the plus of the dual model offered by the MDPA Master's Degree: "Doing internships in Volkswagen workshops has given us the vision of what it is like to work in a real plant. In addition, the workers have been willing to clarify any doubts and help us with anything we wanted", said Galilea shortly before going to the NH Aranzazu Hotel to celebrate the end of this stage with his colleagues.

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