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"I am working on something that fulfills me and is allowing me to grow personally and professionally."

Sara Arietaleaniz, a biomedical engineer from Tecnun , has been with Kiro Grifols for 4 years.

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SaraArietaleaniz working at Kiro Grifols PHOTO: Communication Service
11/09/20 09:47 Communication Service

Sara Arietaleaniz is a former student of Tecnun, where she studied both the Bachelor's Degree in Biomedical Engineering and the Master's Degree in the same discipline. "I have a hard and intense, but at the same time satisfactory memory of my time at Tecnun," recalls Sara, who has been working at the company Kiro Grifols for the past four years. 

What is your memory of your time at Tecnun?

I remember the cafeteria crowded with people at noon, the long afternoons in the library or in the laboratories, and, above all, the time shared with the people I met there. Studying at Tecnun involves time and dedication and that leads you to lean a lot on the people next to you, with whom you make great friendships, because when the sacrifice is shared, everything goes better.

Why would you recommend it?

I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to learn from the professors and to have been able to take advantage of the resources that Tecnun provides. I recommend it for the proximity in the treatment (especially in the master's degree, since we were a smaller group), the opportunity to learn from great professionals in their area of knowledge, as well as the availability of resources to facilitate and enhance learning. 

However, the biggest reason I would recommend this university is for the training in the non-technical aspects (critical thinking, analysis and decision making, communication and group work) which are the aspects I have had to pull from the most in the working world.

What professional doors has the master's degree in Biomedical Engineering opened for you?

Tecnun gave me the opportunity to present my final degree project at a European congress (I take this opportunity to thank especially Professor Raúl Cruz for the opportunity), which led to the publication of a scientific article. After discarding the professional outlet of a doctorate and having completed the master's degree, this fact, together with the help of the then director of the master's degree Maite Mujika, I managed to carry out the final master's degree project in the company in which I had been working for approximately 4 years, Kiro Grifols (now part of the pharmaceutical company Grifols).

What is your job at Kiro?

At Kiro Grifols we are dedicated to automating hospital pharmacy processes, including the KIRO Oncology robot, designed to automate chemotherapy preparation processes. We never know where life will take us, but at the moment, fortunately, I am working in something that fulfills me and is allowing me to grow personally and professionally.

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