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"The page came about as a way to have all the links in one place."

Nicolás Serrano, professor at Tecnun , creates a website to organize all his teaching resources

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Professor Nicolás Serrano PHOTO: Communication Service
11/11/20 13:17 Communication Service

Nicolás Serrano, professor at Tecnun , has created a website to organize all the teaching resources. It is a page staff at the address or, which "can serve as an idea for everyone to create their own," says Serrano. 

How did you come up with the idea of creating this website?

It came about because I had, like most teachers, different web addresses for different functions: the pages of the subjects and courses I teach, the pages of some materials, the one for projects, curriculums, etc. The website came about as a way to have all the links in one place and organized. As in some of the subjects we teach how to create web pages, I applied it to create the page, it is a fairly quick process, once you know it in a few minutes you have the page created with the initial content. Then it has been growing by adding more content (other courses, subject materials, resources, utilities, the most common links, etc.).

How long have you been with her and what evaluation does she do so far?

I started at the beginning of 2018 and I think it is quite useful to me. It is my home page on the computers I use and also when I go to another one, it is the first page I open because from there I go to all the resources I need. Actually, it is a page staff, but other times I use it when they ask me something and I refer them to an explanation or resource that is on the page. It is also an alternative to a blog staff that may require more continuous attention so that it does not become obsolete right away.

What comments or suggestions have students or users made to you?

A few months ago, with the theater season, several texts from teachers were written on the blackboard in the hallway of entrance of Tecnun and in the one from my subject I saw that they signed it, jokingly, with the address of the page. So I included the address in the signature corporate email.

What are the advantages of this website?

It is simply a tool that facilitates my daily work and sometimes it can be useful to give references of some material to other people, as in the confinement that we hang there instructions for creating videos, or now that it has parts of subjects as resources accessible by users of the unav domain. For example, Access, Excel, HTML, programming in VBA, JavaScript, Java, digital content creation, 3D graphics, etc..

How often do you update the contents?

I don't have a plan, it's when meeting a link I use and it's not there yet, or when organizing the material for a course or subject. Looking at the history, I see that there are usually changes about 2 times a month, although most are very small changes.

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