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"What I value most about the master's degree is the practical vision it has given me."

Sara Arietaleaniz was looking for a master's degree that would allow her to leave "several fronts open" and opted for the Biomedical Engineering Master's degree from Tecnun

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Sara Arietaleaniz PHOTO: Courtesy
13/06/18 19:04 Communication Service

Sara Arietaleaniz studied the Biomedical Technologies branch of the Master in Biomedical Engineering. She was looking for a master's degree that would allow her to leave several fronts open, but that at the same time would allow her to set up the instructions acquired during the Degree in Biomedical Engineering "and use them to know and understand the potential of the union of engineering with health sciences".

Sara decided to do the master's degree at Tecnun "for the opportunity to get closer to reference letter centers such as CIMA and the Clínica Universitaria, as well as the Hospital Donostia or CIC Nanogune, and to learn from staff teachers with extensive experience in their respective areas in a close and trustworthy environment".

What she values most about the master's degree is the practical vision it has given her. "The master's degree gave me more self-confidence," says this former student of Tecnun. In addition, it also helped her to complete the project Final Master's Degree at KIRO GRIFOLS -at the time the company was called KIRO Robotics-. Sara talked to Maite Mujika, at the time director of the master's program, to tell her that she was interested in doing the project at that company. "She was the one who contacted KIRO at contact and, soon after, they called me for an interview. There was a former student from the same master's program already working there, and the truth is that thanks to the two of them, my entrance at KIRO was easier," she recalls.

Once she finished the project final master's degree at KIRO GRIFOLS, Sara was offered a job, and she accepted the proposal. And today she is still at the same company where she joined to do the project End of Master's Degree. "It is a young and demanding company dedicated to the automation of hospital pharmacy processes. We have a product on the market called KIRO Oncology that prepares cytotoxic medication for chemotherapy treatments," Sara explains.

The biomedical engineer at Tecnun works with a team developing a new medical device for the automation of non-cytotoxic intravenous preparations in an aseptic environment. "My specific task is to make the project of design compliant with the applicable rules and regulations so that together we can produce a product that is safe for both Username and the patient, and at the same time meets the needs of the market."

Sara is clear that she would recommend the master's degree to "all those who are not looking to specialize a lot in a specific topic , who wish to leave several fronts open and who want to have a practical vision of what they have studied during the Degree". On the other hand, the project Final Master's Degree is an attractive way of getting closer to the working world, "or to the doctoral dissertation for those who wish to do so", adds the former student of the School of Engineering.

What she would highlight most about the master's degree is "the amount of things we have been able to see and sometimes even experience: from implant operations at operating room, to 'taking care' of cells and seeing the guts of the CUN radiotherapy team, for example". Without forgetting the eagerness of the teaching staff at staff to transmit their knowledge and "their willingness to answer any questions that might arise in this regard, no matter how silly they might seem".

And from her time at Tecnun in general, Sara keeps the people she met along the way, the culture of companionship and a job well done. "In our year we were only seven people taking the master's degree and it was a luxury to be able to receive classes from great professionals in a welcoming and trusting environment. We were very close to each other because we spent the whole day together".

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